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Has anyone ever been arrested for smoking inside a "No Smoking" restaurant?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 16th, 2010

This law, in my state, is very, very weak. its not a criminal offense to smoke in a restaurant in Tennessee, but rather a civil offense. when this law was first enacted, our Governor was about to hire x number of civillians to go out and write citations. since the budget crunch hit Tennessee, this idea was forgotten. so, the civil law goes unenforced. the fine is only $2.00. Question: a $2.00 fine does not seem like much of a deterrent for people not to smoke in restaurants and there is no enforcement, SO, why are people NOT breaking this law and lighting up after a meal?

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Just put a $2 line item on the restaurant tab, and light up.

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Stranger, thanks. i am amazed that people are not lighting a cig. after a meal in restaurants. is it because they are ignorant of the weak law or is it self-descipline, for the sake of the children inside?

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I’m an addict. I mostly just stopped going out to eat. I wonder if these new electronic cigarettes are considered smoking? Just bought one.

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I have two friend that have these elec. cigs and they swear it helps them to stop smoking. never tried it. i think the definition of smoking involves tobacco is one form or another. i believe elec. cigs. do not have tobacco inside, but i could be wrong.

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No tobacco, it generates a flavored vapor, a kind of “steam” but no smoke, and no odor. The ban has just broken my habit of going out rather than the cigarette habit. I’ll probably never find out if the e-cigs are legal, since I don’t eat out anymore.

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This person in the UK was imprisoned:-

These are the UK laws:-

I am a smoker, but I am more than happy to eat in a smoke free restaurant. I agree with the ban.

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I think most people are basically law abiding folk (to answer your question).

I was living in Vancouver pre and post smoking ban and, as a non-smoker, I can’t tell you what a difference it made to me to finally be able to have a meal without inhaling 30 people’s cigarettes. I tended to patronize those restaurants that had well ventilated smoking rooms prior to the ban, and I never patronized pubs. Now I live in a city that took a long time to enact a smoking ban in restaurants, pubs and bars and since they have I will go and eat in pubs.

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I think most people follow the rules of the establishment they are in. I have seen people light up a cigarette though and usually the waitress will just remind them that there is no smoking and ask them to put out their cigarette or step outside.

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