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Has anyone put there dog on a raw food diet and how did the dog respond?

Asked by kylleD (14points) May 16th, 2010

i am about to put my dog on a raw food diet but before i do i want to know how the dog responded.

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My dogs eat raw food. I converted them when they were several years old. It is amazing how they respond.

They look forward to their meals much more now.

They coats are absolutely gorgeous. I think they are healthy. Their weight stays just perfect.

Also, and this is the best, their scat looks like that of a wild animal. It is dry, firm and much smaller than that of grain-fed dogs.

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my brother did this years ago with his dog. he sometimes spends as much time on her meals as he does for himself. his dog, inga, is the healthiest pup ever. she is energetic and her coat is also so beautiful and she is perfectly fit and i think she also appreciates the time he puts into her meals. they are in love. lol

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I’m guessing it is best as long as the stuff is healthy and fresh. After all it’s their natural diet. Who TF knows what kibble is. It could be Captain Crunch for all we know.

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Hmm, this is interesting.. what kind of raw food are you feeding your dogs? Raw beef?

I’d be interested in feeding my dog a more healthy diet..

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I offered my dog raw meat once and she glared at me like I was trying to poison her.

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Try googling BARF which stands for bones and raw food. It is the best way to feed a dog or a cat. I even read recently where some people find it to be best for them as well. I’m not personally inclined to try it on myself but my dogs love it.

I wouldn’t feed them kibble, it is the absolute bottom of the line from the slaughterhouse floor sprayed with fat to make it somewhat palatable, in other words, garbage. Vets have only started touting it since they started selling it!

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@downtide Raw meat is not good for dogs. It is too rich. If you read about the BARF diet you will see that about 70% is bone, which is dog’s natural food, mixed with meat and some vegetable matter.

Here is a simple meal plan.

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my dog adores carrots…........

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I feed my pooch dry dog food as adviced by my vet. I have 3 different bags at any given time, mixing it up for him so he doesn’t get bored of eating just one kind. On occasion, I will throw him a bone with some meat to work on. He also enjoys baby carrots and iceberg lettuce, which he gets every morning.

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@marinelife – I will tell that to the dingos and all the wild dogs who have no one to cook and debone their meat for them

Seriously, I have fed raw for years as have many and my 12 year olds are still thriving and the young one is in good shape too so I respectfully disagree.

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