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Does anyone know where one can find cardigans/sweaters like the character Rose wears on "Two and A Half Men"?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 16th, 2010

The character of Rose (Charlie Harper’s ditzy next-door neighbor psychologist millionaire stalker) wears the coolest vintage looking embroidered and/or beaded buttoned cardigans/sweaters on the show all the time. Does anyone know where similar sweaters/cardigans can be purchased? I sense they are contemporary ones that just appear to be vintage. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

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Perhaps,,, other online or brick and mortar vintage/used/consignment shops, Goodwill, or

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I’d check out Goodwill, Salvation Army, other thrift stores….you can actually find a lot of good stuff!

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Thanks for the answers on vintage clothing…I was just wondering if there was a contemporary/modern company that makes similar things. With everyone reproducing a lot of fashions from the 30’s-40’s-50’s…I was wondering if anyone knew who might be doing that today. I’ll have to check Anthropologie and JCrew…..

Thanks @lilikoi and @Draconess25 !!!

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Forever 21, Macy’s, French Connection, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, Gap.

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The sweaters are sort of a la Lilly Pulitzer, especially back when the show started. I think you can still find her clothing at Sacks, Bloomingdale’s and Neimans.,4,shop,womens,womenssweaters
There is another designer who’s name escapes me right now, if I think of her I will post another answer. Also INC in Federated stores like Macy’s and Bloomies usually has a nice collection of sweaters, but typically they are very plain.

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Yes, there is a shop called Alannah Hill, an Australian designer, her clothes are so similar, you would be able to purchase on line.

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