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Why do i want to get pregnant?

Asked by tney07 (59points) May 17th, 2010

I just had a baby almost 9 months ago and i just swiched birth control again. I dont know why i feel like i want to get pregnant again. I’ve thought i was pregnant the last three months and i have bought almost 10 pregnancy tests. My boyfriend nor I have jobs, he gets unemployment and im about to start a babysitting job. Were ok on money but not the best. I keep thinking that my son will be 1½ years old and we’ll have jobs by the time i’ll give birth. I dont know though why im obsessed! Can anyone help?

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You obviously know that this is not the smartest urge at this point in your life to have but I do know the feeling that you’re describing – might have something to do with wanting to continue creating more amazing beings like the one you already have and to see what each would be like. I haven’t spent any time on looking into any biological reasons behind this but it might have something to do with it in that once we give birth, our bodies make us forget the pain so that we can want to have children again – and when we breastfeed, we get happy because of certain hormonal releases.

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Thanks I understand what you mean

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Maybe a clue to your obsession lies in the word choice of “I want to get pregnant again” as opposed to the words “I’m dying to have another child.”

I understand that all the attention and excitement that comes of being the pregnant center of attention is a wondrous thing. It does make you miss that special time when you are ankle deep in drool and diapers with someone who now, rightfully, is the center of the universe.

Thing is, second time around, that “excitement” is greatly subdued. Suddenly all those people who couldn’t keep their hands off your pregnant stomach the first time around can’t even “see” your pregnant belly as you attempt to manhandle your first born into his clunky stroller.

Meanwhile you have a first born with needs that are just going to get much more expensive from this point forward. So while having jobs for the both of you within the next 9 months is great news it is hardly a good financial basis for having another child right away.

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Youre programmed to be a baby maker. We all are. Thats why everyone is so obsessed with sex. I guess all you can do is rise above your instincts.

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If you are nursing, keep doing it. And keep using birth control. And look at your little baby, and enjoy the child you have now. When it makes sense, you will have another baby that you can provide for. It sounds like that time is not now.

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It’s possible that you’re trying to fill a void in your life. I’m not a mother so I can’t possibly understand the joy that somes with giving life, but as @skfinkel said, it’s time to enjoy the baby you do have, as opposed to pining after the one that doesn’t exist as of yet.

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Hormones. It’s natures way of getting us to reproduce.

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Getting pregnant when you’re unemployed is reckless and irresponsible. Especially if you already have a baby who you need to provide for. Do you have heath insurance? Also “we’ll have jobs by the time i’ll give birth” isn’t exactly a safe bet.

Even though it’s illegal to do so, many businesses won’t hire a pregnant woman simply because they don’t want to shell out for training costs, and then have to pay for maternity leave, the increase in their corporate heath insurance rate and other factors, and then take the chance that the mom will decide to quit soon thereafter. Not to mention the economy isn’t exactly a beacon of light right now.

My advice is to focus on your son, and wait for your financial situation to improve before having more children. I’m sure you want to be able to provide the best life possible for him, and by getting pregnant now, you run the risk of limiting his opportunities in life. I always go with: “plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

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