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How do I put fields in MS word?

Asked by roundsquare (5517points) May 18th, 2010

We have a lot of documents at work and in these documents, the same numbers, names, etc… need to be repeated very often. We have some templates and go through and fill them out each time, but this is error prone and we can make mistakes. I was wondering if there is a nice and easy way to get fields in word so that I can put the fields in the templates and then just fill in those values each time.

Also, this needs to be pretty easy to use since a lot of the people using it won’t be very computer savvy.

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It depends on what you’re doing. Can you tell me more about what you’re trying to do?

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We have a standard set of documents. Every time we do a deal we need to fill them in. In about 10 places we put in the size of the deal. In about 15 places we put in the name of the other party. Etc…

Overall, we have about 20 pieces of information that need to go in a total of about 200 times (these are legal documents so they need to be very very very complete).

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Mail merge is probably your best bet. Tool, letters and mergings, mail merge.

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@papayalily Hey, nice idea. Hadn’t thought of that. I think it’ll work!

Many thanks.

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A second vote for mail merge.

I use Excel for the data source. I have a dozen form letters and legal forms which are used again and again. Preparing docs for ten clients doesn’t take much longer than for one.

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