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How Can I tell the difference between these two 'Love is in the air' versions?

Asked by elhaha1001 (383points) May 18th, 2010

I just can’t tell the difference between the version of John Paul Young’s and Cat Stevens’ version.

I know that it is originally sung by John Paul Young, but when I searched for it at youtube, it seems so similar.

can anybody tell me the difference?

please give me some links so that i can compare too

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You can get the difference in youtube itself.

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@ghanfer that’s the problem. they both look so similar that i can’t tell the difference.
i’m just suspecting that the youtube users don’t know as well. maybe it got all mixed up

do you know the difference?

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Here is the Cat Stevens’ version.

Here is the John Paul Young version.

They do have a similar sound to their voices. Cat Stevens’ voice is a little rougher and more growly. They are also very similar arrangements. But the piano sounds different in the beginning.

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