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Any ideas for an anniversary present for my husband?

Asked by bellusfemina (808points) May 18th, 2010

We’ve been together 7 years, and I’m running out of ideas! I’ve already given him a lot of the “typical” presents. Our anniversary is tomorrow, and I’m trying to figure out what to do. I want it to be special, and something unique.

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lasagna pan.

Works for me. :-)

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How about taking him to the place you two met?

make a book outlining all the things you have gone through together

Go to some restaurant neither of you have ever been to before and try something new

make your own card by buying materials at the arts and crafts store

just somethings I came up with.

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How about a couples trip to a spa? His & her massages & foot rubs would be awesome.
Maybe a romantic home-cooked dinner on the good china with candles & flowers and romantic music?

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Cook him a special meal.
Buy him an item of clothing you know he would like.
Buy a book about any sport or interest he has.
Go for a meal to a restaurant which holds special memories.

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@maggiesmom1 We’ve never done the couples massage thing. Great idea! I’m giong to make us an appointment for tomorrow. :)

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What about dying your hair (temporary) and buying some kind of clothes you would normally never wear, and asking him to meet you in a bar at a hotel downtown. Then, the two of you act as if you are strangers, have a drink, and then go to the room you have reserved.

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Get him a gun. He’d love that.

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Organize a wonderful get-away weekend, just for the two of you. If he’s golfer, choose a resort with nice golf courses. If he loves the ocean, plan a beach trip. If he’s Nature Boy, take him to a great place in the mountains. After seven years, you have a good sense of what he would and wouldn’t enjoy.

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Go to a local small airport and see if they have flying lessons and to get a gift certificate. They should be around 75 bucks to 100. I got a 50 dollar gift certificate and I will pay the difference on the day of flying lessons.

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I’m with @Nullo Guns are a great gift any time!

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