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What are some weird & maybe not so wonderful combinations that would make the sandwich from hell?

Asked by ucme (46641points) May 18th, 2010

Fillings that would repel the most hardy of stomachs.Give it your most disgusting but nevertheless edible alternatives.Also what are the most unusual sandwiches that you have eaten & enjoyed?

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Marshmallow fluff and chili would be pretty nasty.

I can’t really think of any unusual sandwiches that I’ve ever had. I did have a bad habit of making turkey, bacon and cheeze whiz sandwiches when I was a teen. Not the healthiest of sandwiches.

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There was a sandwich question a while back I answered and it got pulled, but I managed to retrieve my answer from back then in my drafts…it fits this question perfectly I think…and as it stands, the answer still uh…stands, today.

I once created The Desperation Sandwich…I was really hungry and there was nothing to eat, so I gathered some unwanted scraps…this included spam meat, (Which I’m also a fan of, being poor has its…advantages?) pickled banana peppers, some bread and a bit of mustard.

I made toast, stuck the spam and banana peppers in and splashed it all with Frenchie’s mustard. It seems pretty gross, but it was actually damn good…the things you can come up with when deprived of choice haha.
Was good enough that I kept on making it later, and buying more ingredients to make it. To this day, I still make it every now and then.

I called it The Desperation Sandwich, as the same name of a Stephen King book I was reading at the time, and also the situation which spawned this midnight snack from the Abyss.

Add fried onions for a Desperation Deluxe. [/ENDOFSANDWICHSTORY}


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An orange juice and toothpaste sandwich.

That would be a cruel and unusual punishment.

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Anything with liver.

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Braunschweiger and limburger cheese topped with canned sardines and mayo. It would be funny to see someone bite into that on a dare.

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@escapedone7 I totally would.

Also lmao at the ’‘barf’’ search tag. XD

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Maple syrup and tuna fish

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Kipper Snacks and marshmallows.

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