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Dreaming about death?

Asked by lunabean (630points) May 18th, 2010

I had a very detailed dream about my mom’s friend dying of cancer (she really does have cancer). I’m assuming it’s just a dream but my dreams often predict the future (near and distant). What are the odds of this dream actually coming true?

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The odds of her dying are 100%. Whether or not it will be of cancer, I don’t know, and neither does your dream.

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@dpworkin yes, i’m aware that everyone dies.

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You knew she has cancer so your brain showed you a probable outcome of that situation in a dream. It is as much premonition as the predictions of economists. The odds? Ask her doctor.
(I once dreamt of being shot in the head. has not happened yet as far as I am aware of, and yes, I too have had situations that I thought I saw in a dream before. A form of Déjà vu)

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if you look inside yourself honestly, you should be able to distinguish the “true” dreams from the ones responding to fear or because you or the people around you are processing a situation.

I dunno, I have “true” dreams sometimes but they are of a different quality somehow – there’ s a certainty about them.

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I had a dream that my brother died. Since then, he’s been pronounced dead twice. Too bad he didn’t stay that way….

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Death generally symboloizes change.

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“but my dreams often predict the future”
Dream are a compilation of events and experience you have had. Your brain working things out.
If you do not see the connection, basically what is causing your dream. You could interpret it as being some physic event.

Dreams can lead to “change”, that being the resolution of an issue.

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