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What are your favorite or most used websites online?

Asked by KeithWilson (833points) May 19th, 2010

Besides Fluther itself, what sites do you enjoy the most? Some of the easy answers are wikipedia and hulu. This question has the potential to be a goldmine. So, let me know where you go.

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Those are my time sucks.

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Yahoo, NY times,, Google and – my fave.

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Ravelry (crochet, knitting and weaving), NOAA, Gawker stuffs, Consumerist, Guardian and about ten others that I can’t remember because it’s early.

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USA Today
Legal Information Institute (Cornell)
Mayo Clinic

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tumblr. i’m obsessed with it.

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One of my favorite sites Lifehacker has recently introduced me to a site about finding creative ways to alter Ikea furniture.

Oh, and of course my goto music sites like (keep track and discover music), (create and listen to playlists) and (scrapes blogs all over the world to see what new music is popular right now).

Cruiser's avatar for a meta search engine, Drudge for quick peak at the latest. AOL for some e-mail the rest is work and scout stuff.

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Deviantart, Gelbooru, Wikipedia, Wikiquote, Wikihow, Uncyclopedia, Playlist, Evil, Tektek,, &

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fluther, sodahead, 4shared, deviantart, blogthings, google :)

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It has everything.

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YaHoo Fantasy Sports

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@xRIPxTHEREVx I forgot about 4shared!

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One of my very favorite websites is If you are sick and tired of having to wade through automated customer service lines and menus buried so deep you can’t back out of them, check this out. It just might just save your sanity as it has saved mine on more than one occasion. Their database of get an actual human numbers, tips and tricks is not exhaustive, but if it saves you one headache it’s worth checking out IMHO. I love these guys. No kidding. I know this sounds like spam or some sort of paid endorsement but it’s not, really, check it out.

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Stumbleupon is a very addictive site. It lets you see sites other people find interesting.

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PubMed; youtube; FBook; imedicine; vitacost; ancestry; amazon; etrade.

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Stumbleupon is a very addictive site. It lets you see sites other people find interesting

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