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How can we make best use of a corner cabinet in our kitchen?

Asked by Tom2001 (6points) May 19th, 2010

We are remodeling our 1979 kitchen. We have four corner cabinets (two below the counter, two above) that occupy a lot of space but are difficult to use effectively. One has a “lazy susan” system that lets things fall back into the black hole behind it. All four are awkward and under-used. Are there better ways of utilizing that precious storage space? Are there specialized products that enable better use that space?

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Lazy Susans and Blind Corner Pull-out shelves are 2 solutions available for this application.

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Here is a good product. Forgive the horrible music in the product demo.

Here is a pull out cabinet that will also work well if you are redoing the cabinets.

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I would go for the pull out shelves if they are wall cabinets, or drawers (they might be called deep shelves) for the base cabinets.

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For our upper cabinet, I had a glass door installed at an angle like this and for the two lower cabinets, we have lazy susans with lips to prevent anything falling off.

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