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For those who attended, how was the fluther salon?

Asked by zephyr826 (5600points) May 19th, 2010

We’re waiting with baited breath for news of the fluther salon. How did it go? Who was able to attend? Was there cake? Any response would be lovely.

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What fluther salon? lol, shows that I didn’t know and didn’t go but it sounds cool

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Wasn’t it yesterday? There was something on the blog about it.

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I was quite busy yesterday. It’s been about a week since I read the blog. Hopefully, someone will answer your question – I’m interested as well

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I think it was a meeting or, err – salon in L.A. I’m about 3,000 miles away from there.

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@janbb oh! Well, then I want pictures!

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I suspect – not sure – that our boy Andrew was there.

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I did not attend however Nikipedia attended and in chat said that Andrew was there.
Tim and Ben were not- they were in San Francisco.

I too would like to hear more.

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Yeah, why did it have to be in LA? Boooooo. Should have been in SF! ;)

Anyway, I’m just jealous.. and also very interested in hearing how it went.

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I want to know too! Waiting…

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Hi all—

The salon was spectacular. A complete triumph. People spoke candidly about topics ranging from despotism to BDSM to space travel.

Some of the feedback:

“I wish all parties were like this.”
“It was like a cocktail party without all the small-talk BS.”
“It’s like a book club where everyone brings their own book and you don’t have to read anything”.

We’ll be posting the photobooth photos up on the Fluther facebook group, and Judy is editing the audio for a podcast.

Stay tuned for the next salon in San Francisco!

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@andrew You better be planning one in NYC!

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Way to go, Andrew! Woot! Woot! (or words to that effect.)

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YAY! I may attend SF!

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Sounds awesome! Please do post the link to the Facebook pics @andrew.

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Guys, it was great.

The speakers were all candid, funny, warm, inspiring, and engaging. And there was free wine. And the carbon-based Andrew is even more charming and fun than the digital version.

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And what about Chicago or St. Louis?

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@nikipedia Another vote for the carbon-based Andrew!

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