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Can you tell me how to download music from iTunes onto a CD?

Asked by desiree333 (3219points) May 19th, 2010

I’m having a party, and I need music, but I don’t know how to burn CD’s off of iTunes or Limewire. Can you give me some sort of step-by-step instructions on how to do it?

P.S I don’t want my whole iTunes library on the CD, just select songs I want to be playing.

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Step 1: Go to “File/New Playlist.”
Step 2: Name the playlist (well, this is optional really.)
Step 3: Drag the music you want from your library on to that playlist.
Step 4: Insert a blank CD, and with that playlist still open, click the “Burn Disc” button in the bottom right corner.

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@squidcake Thanks! Do you happen to know if I can burn music onto a DVD-R disc?

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Yes, you can, but I’m pretty sure if you put it on a DVD-R disc it would just be a data disc, meaning the files will be there if you put in on another computer and opened them up but you can’t just stick it into a CD-player or a stereo because it wouldn’t play.

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@okay, I’ll just try it in my DVD player and see if it works.

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@desiree333 If you have a Mac you can use iDvd to easily burn music, videos, and slideshows onto DVDs.

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itunes is definitely the best way to burn music. There are other programs depending if your on a pc or mac. Toast titanium on mac or windows media player on pc, but itunes is definitely the easiest. squidcake’s step by step guide is dummy proof.

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@rawrgrr No, I don’t have a Mac.

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