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Has anyone ever tried swinging before?

Asked by swinger (2points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone

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I can backflip out of a swing, but who can’t! The type of swinging you are talking about is gross, unhealthy, and ignorant. I hope you never have kids as long as you are living this lifestyle. You asked for my etc., so there you go.

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@bulbatron9 while i dont agree with you i can understand how you say its gross and unhealthy, but why ignorant?

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One would have to “ignore” their feelings or their partners feelings. When you’re thinking with your penis or vagina, you’re not thinking of what really counts in the grand scheme of things. Do you think you can pay off your house while you watch your wife take it from some stranger? Can getting a sensation put food on the table? Will this fetish provide a stable future for your children? What good can come from it?
No. No. No. Nothing.

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So you mean to tell me everything you do in life has some purpose towards providing for your family in the grand scheme of things? I highly doubt that. Do you think you can pay off your house while you watch tv?

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@ubergoober Swinging, like your drugs, is a very destructive activity, incomparable to watching tv. In what little spare time I have I skateboard. My wife encourages this because she knows how much I love it, not to mention the health benefits. If you want to debate me personally, why don’t you send me a message. I would be glad to accommodate you!................. After reading your profile, I see you’re obsessed with drugs, I doubt you would have anything intelligent to offer. “It is not a want of drugs, it’s a want of personal freedom.”

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Back in the day I was like a professional swinger, damn I miss recess! Why can’t adults get recess too?!!?

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@bulbatron9 I’m kind of offended by the fact that you saying because I do drugs I must be unintelligent. That was a rather ignorant statement to say especially since you seem to be obsessed with beer, a much more lethal and destructive drug than any of the ones I take. Enjoy your liver failure. ^_^

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@bulbatron “I see you’re obsessed with drugs, I doubt you would have anything intelligent to offer.”

I’m just trying to understand the link between taking drugs not being intelligent. I’m quite offended by that comment, even tho it was not intended for me. You can’t possibly say in your right mind that if you do drugs you can’t be a intelligent person. Just because someones profile has drugs in it doesn’t give you the right to automatically class that person as a drug addict moron.

But, if what your saying is true, then your a drunk wife beating red neck, because according to you, i must think in that way because your profile says it…right? My apologizes, but I’m just trying to understand your idiosyncrasies…

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I also said “it is not a want of drugs, it’s a want of personal freedom.” I used to do some very foul drugs, which was ignorant as FUCK! I may occasionally smoke pot, but my life does not revolve around it. I am not saying people who use drugs aren’t intelligent, just people who broadcast it. Like you two attention seekers!(ubergoober & slicepoo) Also, why don’t you send me a personal comment?

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@bulbatron9 why the name calling? Überbatman and I are trying to have a serious discussion with you and your being a immature ass, which brings me to my next point of you being a drunk wife beating red neck.

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I’m not out seeking attention about my drug use, you called me out on it remember? Or were we drunk? Seriously though name calling off of my user name what are you 4?

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You two sure have a whole lot in common in your profiles, almost like one user with two names. Sorry about the names, I got a little carried away. Truce?

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Lol we aren’t the same, just good friends. And yes fluther isnt the place to hold a flame war. Truce.

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lol, we are friends in real life, that why it might seem like that, but yea, truce. =]

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I look forward to seeing you in future discussions. Where maybe we can share our views, and not sling mud at each other.
P.S. I think my hands were the dirtiest.

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“Swinging” isn’t the same since Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman and Count Basie, left our humble presence….

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