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Have you ever had a moment that was just perfect?

Asked by Pandora (29733points) May 19th, 2010

I just got back from having dinner with my son and daughter and my husband. It was just so perfect. We haven’t all been together in a year and a half and my son called a few days ago and asked us to pick him up at the airport because he had a layover in the area. It was just awesome watching his sister tease him like old times and hearing them both laugh. Even though neither are married or have kids yet, I realized it was perfect just the 4 of us. They are both happy and my heart has never been happier. I’ve had other perfect moments but not like this one in so long.
What is your recent perfect moment?

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Yes. I’m expecting more of them too.

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When u say expecting, do u mean like having a baby?

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@Pandora Heavens no. No more babies for me. I was simply saying that I expect more (actually, many more) perfect moments in my life.

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If funny counts. Once my cat was out in the yard. The cat was at an age where catching birds was a. not possible, and b. not interesting. I watched from the back door as a sparrow sat in one of the holes of our chain link fence very calmly as my old cat walked up with no stealth. Both seemed completely rediculous. The bird fearless, the cat unacting. My cat in disbelief began to sniff this bold little sparrow right on its little feathers! The tree branch ten feet above this scene was now bending towards them under the weight of a dozen sparrows screaming warnings to their insane friend.

Buffy very softly opened her mouth and began to put her mouth around the bird and then the bird coolly flew up to its friends!

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Before my boyfriend and I became romantic, we had hung out a lot casually and I had been yearning for him to make a move. But, I guess he’s traditional and didn’t do anything until we went out. When we were sitting in a movie, we started cuddling for the first time. After a while, he would kiss me on the forehead/cheek intermittently. It was so effing adorable, I was practically melting in my seat. It didn’t matter that we were watching a shitty ass movie, it was just so perfect. Sigh.

Lots of good memories with him, but that first breakthrough was particularly memorable.

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@Ltryptophan Thats awesome. I guess he had lost in truth or dare and took the dare. Your cat must of thought he was a terrorist bird out to wipe out cats. LOL

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@le_inferno Awwwweee. Sometimes less is more. :)

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I’ve had a few – you get a sort of surreal feeling that kind of lingers on.

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a couple….listening to music on a summer night in the lawn of an amphitheater.

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The birth of my daughter. Never thought it would happen.

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Being in the court room listening to the judge grant me my divorce!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole moment was perfect, but I got chills when he asked me after all the other questions “Do you want to be divorced, Mr. Berry?”, and I said “Yes, sir”. I had to hold back my massive smile until I left the courtroom!

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@Blackberry LOL, I guess you should have sent him a bottle of fine wine for the occassion.
@partyparty Yep, can’t really get better than that moment but things can come pretty darn close.
@jazmina88 Oh, I did that last summer. It was awesome. Sat outside on the lawn and the day was perfect. Not too hot or too cold.
@Disc2021 Yep, thats what I’ve been feeling since last night. It was awesome to watch both of my grown children healthy and happy and doing what they love to do. I think its a goal for every parent and rarely do you get one their but both of them in the same place in their lives and extremely contented made me feel like I couldn’t be happier myself if I tried. I could drop dead tomorrow and not worry about how they are going to turn out. They turned out just fine and I would drop dead with a smile on my face. Just thinking about yesterday brings tears of joy and a real peace. :))

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