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Fluther's Most Popular?

Asked by cornman (737points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone

Who do you believe is the most popular person in Flutherland?

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Hossman and Gailcalled

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Not me, but I like to see my name up in the answer posts, so…...yeah….

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Personally, I am going to say squirbel and johnpowell, in that order. They both give real person answers, and don’t sound like they are just hyping themselves up. Some people on fluther will turn a question around, so they can talk about how great they are.

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@ bulbatron9 TRUE DAT!

(Read one post above bulbatron9’s) :)

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Thats easy, ME.

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johnpowell! I think he’s silly! So he’s on my top pop list!

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kevbo and Zaku also come to mind.

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johnpowell. PERIOD

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I say gailcalled – I haven’t been here long enough to see hossman but I’ve read his past responses. Lots of people ask where he’s been so by default he is popular.

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I’m not popular! But thanks for the vote ;)

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Kevbo and Hossman are awesome. They get my vote. Kevbo is good with personal questions. And Hossman was good at logic and law.

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For me it’s Klass4, Kevbo, Mirza and Zaku in that order. All of them are well liked because of their positive contributions, insightful answers, and for the most part they are not argumentative.

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Kevbo hates me for some reason.

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Kevbro? Hate? No way!

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I don’t hate the playa. I hate the game.

Actually, I love the game.

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Word up son! I feel ya!

Did I say that right?

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yeah, boiiiii!

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