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How do you deal with clutter?

Asked by Kay (1608points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m living in kind of a crappy, tiny living space right now & was wondering if anyone had any unique/different tips for avoiding clutter and disorganization. I just feel overwhelmed sometimes trying to fit my life into such a tiny space :-P

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Maybe just try to simpilify your life. Take a day to go through everything and ask yourself “will I ever need/use this?” and “if so, when and how often?”. It’ll be a pain but should help.

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When I travel, I notice how happy I am w. very few clothes and “stuff.” When I get home, I give or throw away a lot. But if yr space is tiny, it is tough. And remember your ceiling- there are ceiling gadgets that hold pots and pans…and you can put drawers under bed and sofa and build bookcases w. cinderblocks and planks.

(And think of the joy of having fewer things to dust.)

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Peter Walsh wrote a great book about organizing strategies.

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you just need to decide what u need and what u don’t need. Clutter normally comes from things you don’t need.

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plastic containers for things I’m not sure if I want to throw away. I hate hate hate clutter!

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goodwill/donate that stuff your clutter would go to good use with someone else

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stop being a pack rat. If you don’t use it give it or throw it away.

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