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Daloon, who then changed his name to something like whundayata (?); where did he go?

Asked by Jude (32134points) May 20th, 2010

Anyone seen him?

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His account is still here. I suspect that like so many others, he is hanging back to see what happens next. Many of us are about ready to pull up stakes and leave the site to the ones that the powers that be seem to prefer.
The questions that they submit are an entirely different mindset, and never the twain shall meet.

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He is taking a break from Fluther for now.

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Hey wundaloon, If you’re reading this, I’m pleased that you haven’t deleted your account and hope you rejoin us actively soon.

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I miss Daloon – he annoys the hell out of me sometimes, but I miss him.

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Ya Daloon Wa…. we want you back :)

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On a break. He’s only been here like forever and asked like 8000 questions. Every answer is a megillah of 2000 words – it’s exhausting being a full-time flutherer like him. He needs the break. By the way, I’ve let someone else take over my account while I’m on break. This isn’t me. His name is Solomon. Please be nice to him.

I miss him.

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You know, I was wondering this myself. All of a sudden he disappeared, and when I did a search I found this account called “daloons_a_dumbass”? What the heck was that all about?

Anyway, thanks @jjmah and everyone for letting me know, too! I miss him too, but I understand why he would need a break.

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A break from Fluther can really be helpful at times. I’ve never been able to go longer than a week myself, but it sure did help. Hopefully he’ll be back soon and start asking some of those great questions of his again.

@ParaParaYukiko Unfortunately some people are really immature. When you search my username this is what you find. I’m flattered someone took the time to go to so much trouble. ;)

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A break from Fluther. lol Is that what you call it?
Sometimes I do not walk in my backyard. Does that mean I have taken a break from it? ;-)

But if the PacMan sound does not stop. I will be taking a break. :-)

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@jonsblond: That pisses me off. The mods should delete accounts like that.

That person deserves a dick punch.

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Miss you too! But take your time…

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