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WTF? Can you guys help me out?

Asked by Randy (11232points) March 14th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve just been presented an awkward request. This guy I work with wants me to hit him in the arm! He says he wants to see if he can still take a hit. He’s my friend so 1) It just doesnt seem like a good idea to hit friends and 2) it just seems weird! He promises he won’t get mad if he gets hurt but still… Its his idea to ask and let popular vote decide.

Does anyone else find this odd? Should I just do it and make him happy? If so, is this gonna turn into as bad of a deal as what I’m thinking it will?

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It’s a trap!

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LOL. Hit him and use this as evidence saying that he said it was ok. Just let some frusteration out and give him one good one!!!!!

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Swap licks for old times sake. I’m sure he’ll want to hit you back. It’s the way us males show affection!

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give him a quick one two and run like the wind my friend.

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Tell him you gave hitting up for Lent.

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@iSteve or even the Ambrosian Rite. I don’t think not hitting will qualify as a fasting, though.

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If you’re gainfully employed, I would check with your company’s HR department as hitting a fellow employee in or out of work may be construed as harassment. Not kidding here.

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sounds like he is trying to get out of some work and wants to get hurt. don’t do it.. :-)

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Speaking of WTF. WTF?! Who cares? What’s wrong with you? Why is this such a concern?

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Do it like they do in the locker room, water and towels oh my! :)

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its only his arm i mean at the most he’s going to get a nasty bruise….. hit the bugger

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“I want you to hit me as hard as you can.”

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Record him saying that he wants you to punch him so he can’t file a lawsuit afterwards for any injuries caused.

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hit him, but “accidently” miss his arm and hit him in the face!

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Go with your gut – if you think that it will turn into a bad deal, it most likely will. And no matter how physical you and your friends get on free time, don’t EVER attempt that during work hours, or even in the parking lot on the way out. No matter what your “friend” says, some companies have a no tolerance policy and will fire you or punish you for harrassment even if he started it! And do you really think he wouldn’t be mad at you if you manage to deck him one and he turns out to be a wuss??

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if u do it…. He might tell people you have been hitting on him…. Just putting that out there…. Or maybe he gets off on that kinda stuff ” yea hit me u nasty boy, hit be harder, hit me baby one more time” ...... Am I the only one pitching a tent after reading that?

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first rule about fight club…

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Thanks to all that replied. I took what i thought was the smart move and passed on hitting him. If he asks me outside of work then i might take him up on it. Lol.

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Tell him to find someone else to fulfill his wish. Nothing good can come of this for you.

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You said he is your friend. Don’t be such a pansy.

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I would hit him so hard, that he would hum like a ten-penny finishing nail, hit with a slick ball-peen hammer!

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Take off your panties and hit your friend.

What is this world coming to that this is even a question? ;-)

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i agree with kevbo, like i said earlier, ITS HIS ARM, i mean what the hell, his arm, who cares

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He was testing you to see if you are gay. You failed.

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I remember games we played to see who could inflict/endure the most pain. I miss those days.

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Exactly @poser: Torture was one of my favourites; when you played cards until someone lost then the looser would flip over the top card of the deck and the number on the card and the suit would correspond to a different type of “torture” eg, punch, slap, pinch etc

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If he’s your friend then fine, just not at work or on the company’s time.

Speaking about the good old days, wasn’t it fun back when we used to choke each other ‘til one person blacked out and then we’d laugh while they wiggle around an-...umm, never mind.

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Odd? Yes, in the sense of an unusual request.
What should you do? That is up to you. Just know there are always consequences either way.

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