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Who in say your early teens, made your heart go boom titty boom titty boom?

Asked by ucme (50034points) May 21st, 2010

Essentially i’m asking who were your teen crushes both in the real world, if you care to divulge & in the crazy world of celebrity, basically anyone famous around that time in your life.Do tell i’m all ears.

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Early teens?? Boy; that goes WAY back !! Elvis. Saw him live on Ed Sullivan and fell in love right then. I went upstairs and got my WHITE LEATHER jewelry box and wrote, “I love Elvis” on it in BLUE ink and of course it never came off.

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@lucillelucillelucille Ahh but of course.I’m guessing the wart sealed the deal, i mean come on the gnarly old sea dog looked like he’d been around the block, or should that be harbour.

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@ucme -I know! Have you seen him in “From Russia With Love”?His wart never looked better! :)

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Yes the albino version,I still prefer Shaw in Pelham 123 though.A menacing villain if ever there was one.I could have sworn the wart got slightly erect when he was aroused but that may just be my sick imagination going into overdrive.Ho hum ;¬}

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At that time, I remember thinking Justin Timberlake and Chad Michael Murray were really hot (and I still think that).

Real-world-wise, the boy I had the biggest crush on in my early teens was the boy who is now my boyfriend. (It’s pretty crazy, I know).

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titters at boom titty boom titty boom :)
Had to be a boy who was teh year above me at school – major crush ooh and Johnny Depp when he was in 21 Jump Street mmm delicious!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yeah I know, I’m ashamed.
Also, Dante Basco. Go Rufio GO!

Also lol you said titty

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Paul McCartney

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Daryl Hall, John Taylor and a brown-haired boy in my 7th grade class. I was 12, and he was interested in, like most of the guys in our class, the girl who was already 5’4” with a adult woman’s figure. It was years before I had a body remotely resembling hers, but at least no one was coming up behind me to snap a bra every day like she had to endure for 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

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Who in say your early teens, made your heart go boom titty boom titty boom?

Joey Heatherton. Maybe not the boom, but definitly the titty.

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Nick Valensi..In fact he STILL does that to me.And a kid in my school but of course I cant tell anybody

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Shaun Cassidy in the Hardy Boys (I was a member of the Hardy Boys fan club and wandered about the place wearing a fan club pin and a “I love shaun” badge….. kill me now please). John Travolta in the much much edited version of Saturday Night Fever we were allowed to see at our youth club (that movie made no sense to me till I was a lot older and saw the actual full length version lol) and of course in Grease, and Barry Manilow. Oh dear….. I was a sad sorry wee teenager who grew up into a sad sorry wee person.
hugglys xx

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ps: the barry manilow thing was a joke lol although I did have a “heart beats faster” thing for David Essex till he said something ever so rude in an interview in Jackie, at which point I thought to myself “he’s not a nice boy” and I swapped my affections over to Shaun Cassidy, who was a nice boy lol :-)

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