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Should I tell him I like him or forget it and move on?

Asked by water_123 (120points) August 5th, 2010

Since December I have had feelings for a coworker, at first we flirted and talked, and it seemed to be going well. We had lots of conversations as we are both talkative, conversations that would last hours talking about anything from personal problems, past relationships, and life in general.
Thing is nothing has happened from talking to him, We have hung out a few times outside of work and still nothing and its been months. My freinds tell me to forget about him since if he liked me would have asked me out buy now.
I have been trying do so buy going on dates with others, but for some reason I seem only too be intersted in him.
Is there any advise anyone can give me, or has this ever happened to anyone else, should I tell him I like him and how would I do this
We used to talk all the time, but since hes now a shift supervioser I havent gotten a chance to talk too him in months, I work with him tonight should I just tell him I like him or would that seem to weird, since we havent talked in two months

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What are the rules about dating coworkers at your work? I would look into that first and be sure that it wouldn’t cause problems at work. If you aren’t worried about causing a problem at work, I would just tell him how you feel. Worst case scenario, he doesn’t feel the same way, but at least you will know for sure and know that you tried instead of wondering “what if”.

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I would say ask him out to the movies or dinner. If after dinner he kisses you well problem solved.

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There are no rules about dating where I work,there are coworkers who are dating, and I asked him for cofee once he never kissed me

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If you like him, you have to make the move. A lot of guys are very shy about things like this. Believe it or not, some guys are afraid of women.

So talk to him. Even be the guy. “I’ve got two tickets to [whatever] and I’d love it if you came along.”

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If you’ve had feelings for him this long then it probably won’t be easy to forget him and move on. Tell him or you will regret it, and even if he doesn’t like you back at least you will know it’s time to move on.

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Move on…

Hey, it was a choice.

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I would ask him out and say I think I like you more then a friend. See what he says. Be honest and straight forward. If he says well I just want to be friends well say no problem. Friends it is. Life is short, go for it, You never know he might feel the same. and is afraid to ask you.

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I’m with @Frenchfry It is worth taking a risk for, and it should be taken outside of the workplace, once he agrees to meet up with you. If you ask him to do something outside of work, and he declines (and doesn’t offer another time/date), then you pretty much know where he stands.

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I say go ahead and tell him that you like him and would like to see him outside of work.

Just be aware that it could go badly.

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Well there are always good things and bad things from telling someone you like him or her. The good thing is that if he or she likes you back and the two go out, or he/she doesn’t but you guys are still friends…The bad thing is that if you break up you won’t be friends anymore, when you ask they will get creeped out and not be friends with you either way.

But when I always think about this question, I always think it maybe be best to tell him now instead of to save the pain later and get hurt twice as much. But when something bad comes your way most always think “dammit! I should have kept my mouth shut!...We could have still been friends…” usually that’s how I feel and I think most people or some do think that way also (In my opinion of course) But Go for it if you like. It’s better to ask than to keep wondering if he likes you back. And hey now, you’re all mature I’m sure you two can still be friends. I wish you luck on this!

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Maybe he is gay and that’s why he sees you as a friend only

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Tell him and sort it out once and for all. After and outside of work.

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Like others suggest, bring it up outside of work and if he says he’s happy keeping things just friends then you at least you won’t be spinning your wheels wondering anymore.

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Maybe he’s thinking the same thing. “Boy if this person were interested in me, they would have expressed it by now. Guess I better move along.”

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You miss !00% of the opportunities you do not take. I agree with the above, make the move- then you’ll know.

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I say, be bold. Go for it, and make the first move.

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