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Is he attracted to me, he teases me so

Asked by TheOnlyException (2182points) March 27th, 2010

He is really lovely, and he teases me about random things like my shoes, teasing me about the state of them when they were falling apart on several occasions, then when I wore decent ones for the first time he was like ‘oh glad to know you’re prepared to spend a few extra quid’ in a jokey way, and laughed, he was trying to amuse me.

Then recently I passed him and he said ‘nice hat’, with a smile, fairly quietly, i almost didnt hear it, but i turned and went ‘im sorry?!” really loudly, with a smile and he smiled back and carried on walking.

Also he commented on my new look in a positive way “you’re looking very stylish today”, while he passed me and he looked back to take a look at me again.

Then later he joked around saying i shoplifted, so thats where all my new clothes were coming from!
then when i looked offended (i was only joking) and started walking away, he got all worried and was like ‘i was only joking” but he was still smiling.

also, (sorry i keep rambling!) i have this one designer purse that was a really special present, he noticed it because it has the designer printed all over the front of it, and i had it out and he was like “oh, is that real or did you make a quick trip down to the market haha”, again, he was chuckling/smiling, so was clearly joking,
i acted offended again and he carried on smiling and was like “im only joking”

i don’t know what to think, i only met him recently, we aren’t close friends, more acquaintances, but i really enjoy his company and our little exchanges from time to time. it really makes my day, he is quite a flirt i guess.. but he does this to me so much. i really love it! haha
and he smiles at me, says hi to me whenever i see him around.

these are only very few of the examples i can give there are so many!

does he find me attractive or is this all harmless flirting? (as a side question, can you call this sort of teasing, flirting?)

thanks in advance

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Yes, it’s flirting and yes, he probably likes you. Pay him some attention and see what comes up.

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It looks like he likes you. Good luck! :)

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who wrote your character, @janbb? Nathaniel West?

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Sometimes when men feel insecure they will often tease their girlfriend/wife the importaint thing to remember is to not let it bother you too much. Try talking to him and lifting his spirts you’ll be surprized at the results.

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@dp Naw – he based it on me. You know how old I am.

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probably not.

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Be very cautious with this one. If you like and give him your attention, there is no further need for him to continue teasing you. Say something about it early “I feel uncomfortable when you make fun of my xyz .” If it continues, then leave right then. It very likely can be the beginning of an abusive relationship.

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I read your other question and then followed back to this one.

You have a boy here who stands funny and is obsessed with fashion, shoes, and girls’ hats.

Think about it honey. Think…. real hard.

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escapedone7 i was bound to get an answer like yours eventually, they always make me laugh. I KNOW it sounds like he’s a stuck up homosexual fashion designer, HAHA but those are just the examples I happened to give. Thanks for your answer anyway :)

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I think he likes you. So… my tips are

1) give him flirty attention, treat him the same way he treats you
2) don’t give him the attention (remember it’s flirty attention.. so don’t cut him off and ignore him.. the rude way)
3) depending on the way he treats you back, your on a pretty good level. And then you can do whatever you want afterwards.

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Here’s that portal to Answerbag someone recently mentioned.

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