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How can I get my jacket back?

Asked by galenmarek888 (30points) May 22nd, 2010

It’s the last day of school and I left my expensive jacket there. Now its going to go to charity. How do I get it back. My mom is going to kill me.

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Find out where the school donates stuff too and give them a call. But I’m kinda surprised that the school won’t have it for a few days so I would call them too.

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Check when you get to school. See if they still have it.

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Call the school or go back back and get it.

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Yes check with the school.ASAP.

but in the unlikely event it is given to charity you need flip the tables. Call the charity tell them your glad to see it donated, if possible claim who you are on it.(You could ask for it back but that seems unlikely maybe.)Now this is the hard part you have to act and sell yourself good OK? Make a good story of something that happened via school perhaps in which you seen people who needed clothing,helping the community and more specifically. Your jacket. With the charity hopefully letting you claim ownership or proof you donated it ,you can then let mom call and clarify it is true. Who knows maybe she might even reward a mistaken deed?

Or really you should fess up if in the end if you can not get it back. That is the right and honorable thing to do. Sorry I just had a bit of fun putting that scenario out there. I don’t recommend getting in a web of lies…..

(It is tempting though isn’t it?)

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The office will be open for a while during the summer. Call the office and make arrangements to go back and get it.

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I would contact or go to the place where it is and tell the truth about what happened. I am sure they will give it back. I too one time had to do the same thing and they gave it back with no problem.

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