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Is there a wepage design suite that is free, easy to use and allows content to be exported to html and uploaded to user-determined servers?

Asked by monovuelo (55points) May 22nd, 2010

I personally use Dreamweaver and have experience with basic code, but I need something to suggest to colleagues that is super simple, free and is able to be saved independently in order to be uploaded through a shell onto our institutional servers. Something that is web-generated might also be a possible option. Any ideas?

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If you already have Microsoft Office you can use their web utilities.

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Microsoft Word & Excel export to HTML. Not free, of course, but your users might already have it and know how to work it.

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If your colleagues are not tech-minded, perhaps web-page design software is not for them. Why not try solutions that focus on creating content without having to code anything?

A blog solution like Wordpress comes to mind. Wordpress installations don’t necessarily have to look like blogs anymore. They can look like a regular simple website. And some themes are so easy to use that all you need to do is fill up forms to change your tabs and content. Also, installations are free and uploadable to many modern webhosts, because it’s so popular.

Finally, the popularity ensures that as a solution, Wordpress is up-to-date with regards to usability, security, innovation, and other important aspects of web design.

Anyway, just a suggestion. Good luck with your search.

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A free alternative is Nvu , wich is like Microsoft FrontPage.
I use it every now and then…
Check it out:

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@x3m Nvu development halted, it was superceded by Kompozer (which is based on Nvu).

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