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How to kick a sweet tooth?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) May 22nd, 2010

I have a horrible sweet tooth and I have always wanted to kick it. I can’t go a day without eating sweets, and most days I eat two or even three servings. I try to substitute a bowl of cereal with peaches or an apple, but a lot of time that just doesn’t cut it. Any tips? Other than the sweets I am a healthy person… but I know I should really cut back on the sweets. Is it just a mind over matter thing? I have heard your blood type has something to do with the foods you eat…But I don’t think I can blame it on that.

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Chew cinnamon gum, peppermint, parsley, celery or meatloaf. Guaranteed to dial down an appetite!

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Sugar-free gum, probably. I can’t see anything wrong with that.

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When you find out…PLEASE share it with me, as I have yet to discover it.

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My experience is that you have to go cold turkey till the cravings let you go. Not even an apple for a couple of weeks. No cheating with pretend-sugars. Just give it up. It’s not built in, you know. It’s a habit. Calling it a blood-type thing makes you feel helpless, so give THAT up too.

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I second @susanc ‘s suggestion. Only way to go. I’m struggling with it too. Sugar is an addiction in the body.

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Just stop eating sugar. It’s only hard for a few days. After that it’s easy to leave sweets out of your diet.

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Maaaaaaannnn… I don’t wanna! lol But I have thought about the cold turkey thing before… sigh I guess I’ll give it a go

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I have noticed that people who crave sweets generally tend to wait too long to eat, or eat too few carbs in general. Sweets give you an instant shot of carbs/sugars, so when you have deprived yourself the body craves the sweets. The best way to fight against craving sweet foods is to eat well balanced meals, and more frequent meals. Although, it does seem that some people no matter what just love sweets no matter what.

As kind of a side note I used to be able to pass up dessert with no problem, but I also drank a lot of coca cola. When I stopped drining coke mostly for caffeine reasons, I started eating tons more chocolate (which I had never craved much before, I am sure part of that is because chocolate has caffeine) and eventually more cakes and cookies. Honestly, I have gained weight since I quit soda, at least the soda did not have fat and cholesterol. Not that I think Coke is good way to go to lose weight, but it made me realize that a certain amount of carbs are probably a good thing, and keeping blood sugar study very important.

I do agree that the less sugar you eat in general the less you crave very sweet things, just don’t do a strict no carb diet, I have never agreed with that method of dieting. But, then, I am not a medical professional, it is just my opinion. .

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@JLeslie I’m not too fond of a “no-carb” diet, either. Very strict no-carbs don’t even allow fruit, which I think is kinda crazy.

With respect to your soda-drinking, have you tried diet soda? If so, do you still crave sugars?

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The older I get, the worse this gets for me. Like @JLeslie I dropped caffeine years ago, and eventually switched to diet, non caffeinated soda. Back when I used to drink regular old Coke all day, every day, I very rarely ate sweets. I craved the salty stuff almost exclusively. Now, I really suffer if I go a day without an oatmeal cream pie or a candy bar of some kind. I never connected the two things (soda/sweets) but I can see how they might be related.

Cold turkey, substituting cereal, fruit or gum haven’t worked for me yet. :( Perhaps I’ll give the cold-turkey method another go.

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@Dr_Dredd I basically never drink or eat sugar substitutes, so I have never experimented. Luckily my cravings for sweets is still not out of control, maybe the long history of preferring dinner to dessert stays with me? But, it definitely went up when I went off of the soda. I don’t see how diet soda would work honestly. I really believe the body is looking for the actual carb more than the sweet taste (just my theory). Of course, very few of us are actually deficient in carbs, so logically we should not have such intense cravings anyway I guess? Although, I do believe the body will look for “new” carbs rather than have to pull out of fat stores. So, if our glycogen is getting low or depleted (the carbs stored in the body) we will crave carbs logically.

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