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Why has my computer been getting a lot of script error messages lately?

Asked by anartist (14779points) May 22nd, 2010

“Warning, unresponsive script” appears frequently now and for all sorts of things:
Script: chrome://ytoolbar/content/utils.js:67
Script: chrome://browser/content/aboutSessionRestore.js:124
Script: chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/zotero.js:1279
Script: XStringBundle:57
Most, though not all, are for chrome, but I use Firefox.
I am also having a harder time retrieving my settings after hibernate. This has been doing this a lot lately, not much before. I have run numerous antimalware scans and defrags and some cleaning programs.

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Try unstalling Chrome.

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It means that people who develop web sites don’t test their Javascript very well.

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@Jelly thanks, I’ll try it.
@HungryGuy but why such an increase? Not much in the way of new places. I have had zotero for years [along with chrome, zotero major offender]. The only thing new is I went clumping in where I originally feared to tread and did some disk cleanup and may have even tried registry cleanup with Auslogics registry cleaner.

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@anartist – Cleaning your registry should have zero effect on the number of Javascript errors that your browser reports. It could be that you’re going to new sites that you haven’t gone to before, and those sites just happen to have an excess of Javascript errors. Maybe you just switched to Chrome, and Chrome doesn’t interpret older versions of Javascript correctly. Javascript (I believe) is currently at 2.something. Established browsers like IE implemented Javsacript 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc as those versions were released, and it supports them all (reasonably) correctly. Google now would have had to write from scratch Javascript interpreters for 2.0 and for all the older versions of Javascript (and many established web sites probably still have a lot of older 1.x javascript around). It stands to reason that most of the effort in writing Javascript interpreters for a brand new browser would oncentrate on the latest version, and the older versions of Javascript would get the rush-job. I suspect that’s the most likely explanation.

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I don’t even use chrome, except maybe to look at a site for a browser check, although it seems to list itself as the “browser of record” when I am using fireFTP.

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Chrome is the user interface language for Firefox. The Chrome URLs you’re seeing are within Firefox, not Google Chrome.

I’d back up my bookmarks and reinstall the browser, personally.

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@the100thmonkey re-install firefox?

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Yeah, that’s what I would do anyway.

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