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Today, who has the absolutely best real milkshakes out there?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 22nd, 2010

McDonalds, Wendy’s and most other businesses do not count, since most of their ingredients do not include real milk. i just finished a real milkshake from Jake in the Box and it has to be in the top three of the best. the milkshake i had from Hardees last week was too thin and was like chocolate milk. so, in your neck of the woods, who has the very best REAL milkshake?

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Sadly, it was a place that got torn down to make room for a parking lot.

Hey, isn’t that a song by Joni Mitchell?

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Its close, very close.

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Jake’s Hamburgers has some really great milkshakes. That was from when I was still in Delaware though. I haven’t found a really great milkshake here in Kansas yet.

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Carl’s Jr.s makes a pretty damn good milkshake, and they are easier to get to than Fentons, which are the best on the planet.
I prefer a banana shake made with vanilla ice cream and no whipped cream.

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My younger brother and I did extensive research on this very topic when we were in our teens. The winner in Manhattan: the cafeteria at the U.N. Explain that.

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My grandpa made the best I’ve ever had…Banana’s, Ice cream, Milk, Ice..+secret ingredients that never got passed when he died.

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I do. When I want one, I make one. I never buy them out.

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In the UK – Ed’s Easy Diner in Soho.

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There’s a cheap pizza-and-beer outfit in New Haven that was right next to my dorm. The food was mediocre and the beer was watered, but the milkshakes were the best. damn. milkshakes I ever had.

That was in 1990, though. I haven’t been back recently to see if they’re still good. :-)

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Dr.Dredd, its funny that you remembered those outstanding milkshakes above the watered down beer and so-so food. something thats really good stays in your mind forever, especially food. wonder why?

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Part of it was that the cooks were so obnoxious about making the milkshakes (I guess they were harder than just pouring beer…) that it became somewhat a joke amongst my friends about ordering them. :-)

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My favorite place is the Iceberg out in UT. They have so many different flavors, that I never had a chance to try them all. Unfortunately they don’t have a store out here in CO.

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The real deal. Frozen custard, real milk, incredible.

And a lot of the rest of their stuff ain’t half bad either.

The best part is that they’re only a mile up the road from me.

I thought they were just a small group of local places here able to exert quality control. But surprisingly, they’re all over numerous Midwestern states.

Their ice cream (frozen custard) is better than Ben & Jerry’s and rivals Carvel in their heyday. But Carvel was only ice cream, these guys do a whole bunch of food really well.

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