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What is best way to quickly drink a milkshake?

Asked by shaunabe (95points) February 12th, 2010

Helping a friend train for a milkshake drinking contests, so trying to get all the help we can.

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Not through a straw. Just gulp it down. Beware of the brain freeze though!

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I like that. Wonder how gulping vs straw effects brain freeze. We’ll add it to the training list.

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Ow! My head hurts just thinking about this contest.

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A giant straw that reaches all the way across the room into your friend’s milkshake. Then you can drink HIS milkshake. You can drink it up.

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I have a surefire method but you aren’t going to like where you have to put the straw . . .

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Definitely gulp it down. Straw will slow you down. Thought of all that milk makes me want to puke. More importantly, videotape this and send us the YouTube link!

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@Blondesjon my nose hurts just thinking about it.

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Gulp, all the way. To combat brain freeze- place your tongue on the roof of your mouth (keeps blood flow going).

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@gemiwing great idea. will have to try the lifted-tongue-gulp. adding to the training plan.

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Use your hands. It’s messy, but it makes a man feel at one with his inner beast.

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What flavour?

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mmmm….milkshake…just what I am craving right now! I agree with the above- take a deep breath, then glup it down. When brain freeze kicks in press your tounge up to the roof of your mouth.

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as with all liquids (even semi-solids), speed drinking comes down to whether or not a vacuum is created during the rapid release f said substance. The easiest way to drink something down very fast (try this with a beer bottle) is to insert a straw as a form of “snorkel” into the drink then commence chugging… everything will our out with very little resistance as no air bubbles will get trapped.. the straw takes care of the exchange thereby nullifying any vacuum effect.

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@OreetCocker great question. I believe contests are held with Vanilla shakes.

I need more information on ambient temperatures, how much time can pass before drinking begins, from when the shakes are made, etc. I will find out more.

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mmm milkshakes… my tip is for your friend to drink small amounts of room temperature water in between milkshakes if it’s allowed – doing so will help keep his throat clear.

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Get someone else to do it for you. I hear that there’s a guy that will drink your milkshake. He’ll drink it up.

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Straight from the tap.

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Or perhaps you prefer

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Put your head in the freezer for 20 minutes to bring it to the proper temperature ;)

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You want to be drinking your milkshake constantly at the “almost brainfreezing” level. You need to work out a steady pace for drinking as much as possible without your brain telling you that you are chilling your body too fast, aka brainfreeze.

I hope that will help you two!

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@AstroChuck both of those are non-regulation milkshakes

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I favor the chug method, personally.

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