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When going to a garage sale/flea market, what do you hope to find?

Asked by Daisygirl (377points) May 23rd, 2010

I usually hope to find a great deal on some video games. Just curious what everyone else would consider a “great find” at these places.

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I’m hoping to find that one treasure that sold for 2.00 and after taking it to the antiques road show, I find out its worth $80,000. I love auctions, flea markets and garage sales. Actually, if I look through all the stuff I’ve bought over the last few years, I probably already have that treasure:-)

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Polar bear and pig stuff, whether it be stuffed animals, mugs, ceramic statues, etc. Lulz. Seriously.

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Bikes. If you bought a real nice bike in the 1970s or 1980s, and your heirs are selling it in a garage sale today…

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I like finding old advertising tsotchkes. The kind that companies would give out to people to get them to buy their products. For example….

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I love finding crystal, and china. I also love finding costume jewelery.

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old fishing stuff

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what i look for and often find is wooden stuff like old wooden jewelry boxes that i can sand down and decoupage. what i would like to find but usually don’t find at a garage sale is nice (quality) old salt and pepper shakers or ceramic tableware.

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Anything selling for the money I have in my pocket, that’s worth a lot of money (preferably something my mom wouldn’t think stupid so she’d let me get it). Cute clothes and shoes.

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some bad ass tshirts from the 70s or 80s that are paper thin and super comfortable.

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I head straight for the books.

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i collect teapots. i collect teapots because it is fun to say, “teapots”. so i collect teapots so i can display my teapots so i can point to my teapots and say to my guests, “i collect teapots. would you like to see my teapots? see, these are my teapots. that’s a teapot and this is a teapot and this is a teapot, too. those are my teapots. now, lets have some coffee.”


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