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Does the grass seed I cut off while cutting the grass ever germinate?

Asked by Garebo (3183points) May 23rd, 2010

In the early season, I cut the grass high to prevent dandelions. Well, I let it get a little long this time, so the grass was seeding.
I have wondered, if by cutting the grass, these newly formed grass seeds will produce new grass seedlings once delivered to the ground. I looked into the question at one time, and never got a definitive answer. Grass seed is not cheap, so if it means letting it grow real long and letting the seed dry on the stem in order to produce a germane seed, I will do it. I just may have to cut it two or three times in succession after the grass has reached 8 inches high. Unfortunately, this would likely produce more weed seed, as well.
I have two acres to cut, and really don’t care about most of it, just around the house.

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According to my husband who knows such things; the grass plant would to have to grow to maturity, get a ripe seed head, then the plant dies and the seed is ready and would be able to germinate.
The grass would look dead and yellow, like wheat before it is harvested.

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I kind of thought so. It would be great to know scientifically, if any will produce even the mature green ones. I am sure Scott is not going to disclose the results. My only comparison is my gardens and it seems amazing what volunteers the following season.
Wishful thinking on my part, you and your husband are probably right.
My lawn would have to look like an Alfred Hitchcock movie before I cut it.

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I know what I will do I will leave 6 foot strips and allow it to ripen. I have no neighbor to complain so I will let it go and then cut it and see if I get some more lawn next year.

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