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Who does not like Little Debbie?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) May 23rd, 2010

Little Debbie is located in Collegedale, Tn. Little Debbie has made this small town a leader in snack cakes. who does not like Little Debbie? they still offer quality foods at the best possible prices. starting out small and now nationwide, Little Debbie-McKee Bakery, is famous for its oatmeal creme pies. their doughnuts are not bad, either. everyone has a favorite Little Debbie. what’s yours?

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Nutty Bars are my favorite! Chocolate and peanut butter are just meant to be together.

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Seaofclouds, i love chocolate and i love peanut butter, but not together. it gives me indigestion. you can have my share. i had one bite and had to take a Tums afterwards. you go for it.

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@john65pennington Awesome (not that you get indigestion, just that there’s more for me). :)

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I am partial to the Swiss Cake Rolls and the Oatmeal Cream Pies.

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Mmm partially hydrogenated soybean oil~

I do not like Little Debbie.

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Traq, you are the very first person that has stated they do not like Little Debbie, to my knowledge. is there a reason?

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I’m not a Little Debbie lover or not to many processed foods for that matter. But I do buy them to keep on hand for snacks for others in the household.

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I’m rather partial to fair-sized Donna, actually.

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@john65pennington Because it isn’t food. It’s processed junk full of chemicals that they engineer to get you addicted.

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Sara Lee thinks she’s a biatch. I like her little brownies, they’re yummy.

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I don’t ever buy Little Debbie snacks, but my mom does. Sometimes I just can’t refuse one of the oatmeal cream pies or the chocolate covered peanut butter wafers.

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I have many favorite Little Debbies. oatmeal creme pies is probably no. 1 and swiss rolls is a close second. wait, i forgot about their banana flips.

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@jonsblond Yes, yes she does! lol

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I prefer Drakes. I don’t even know if they exist anymore.

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I also don’t like Little Debbie. In no way would I consider their high-fat, high-sugar, low-nutrient products “quality foods”—in fact, that barely qualifies as “food” in my book. This kind of garbage fuels the obesity epidemic in this country, which need I point out contributes to higher rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, depression, and osteoarthritis. These diseases contribute to the outrageously high cost of health care, which in turn drives economic hardship for many families.

Furthermore, I can only assume that the high-fructose corn syrup used copiously in these “snacks” comes from industrial farms, which are destroying the ecosystem on a local level (depleting the soil of nutrients and killing aquatic life due to nitrogenous runoff) and a global level (overproduction of nitrogen-based fertilizers requires a massive energetic investment contributing to global climate change).

So no, I don’t like Little Debbie.

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oatmeal cream pies and nutty bars are the only things I like. I much prefer Drakes/Hostess (they’re now the same company).

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@nikipedia‘s answer = win

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Never heard of her/it/them, but it doesn’t sound appealing to me.

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Nutty Bars are great even if they are not “real food”. Cheap eats!
I heard they are very popular items in prisons.

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Who does not like Little Debbie?
I do not like Little Debbie.
Which surprises me. I like awful food, usually.

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It’s been forever but I remember liking those crispy caramel cookie thingies….good old american junk. lol

The BEST all american junk cookie is Vanilla wafers….yum!

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Little Debbie has never been very popular in So. Cal. We do Hostess out here. I haven’t had a snake cake since I was a tween.

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Me. Because it’s gross and fake and overly-processed like it’s going out of style. I occasionally bought a Little Debbie product when shopping while hungry or high or both, and it sounded good at the time. But then I get it home and eat it and it’s unsatisfying and just kind of gross. And then I feel like a pig when I’m done. The end.

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She’s o.k. but I wish she’d grow up already!

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I absolutely detest Little Debbie, for many of the same reasons mentioned… I have never even tried it.

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I grew with Little Debbie in my lunch many days or having one after school. I’m still nostalgic for the idea of them, but even passing by them in the aisle last night and lingering for a minute to look at the many varieties with the hope of finding one appealing enough to buy, the thrill is definitely gone daddy gone and replaced with the sense memory of that empty sugary feeling (like when you eat a honey bun out of the vending machine) and that faint waxy layer in my mouth.

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@kevbo – Yes! The waxy layer.. I was trying to come up with words to describe that feeling after eating LD. Waxy is it. Bleh.

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… grew up

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Theyre basically all salt. Little debbies don’t even taste good. I hate little debbies, sorry. :( (My ass hates them, too)

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@kevbo Perfect description.
I will succumb to the temptation, now and then.
Then, like all things naughty, I regret it

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Watch the doc. Food Inc. You’re eating a bunch of crap if you eat that stuff.

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My favorites are definitely the Nutty Bars and the Swiss Rolls. I know they’re not nutritious, but they’re certainly delicious!

@jjmah That’s one thing I hate, having people tell me all the gross stuff that goes into my delicious foods ):

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Little cookie toting tramp ripped me off once:

Package count said 12.

There we eleven.


But there’s more. Star Crunch contains pureed rasins. Just EWWWW…

Rasins? pureed? this fact should have been plainly marked on the package in large letters in the name of all that is decent…

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Looking back at my answer makes me laugh, because I’m exactly that kind of person now. I haven’t eaten that stuff in about a year, and I’m always like “But that’s so unhealthy!”

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