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Why aren't Rush Limbaugh's comments on the oil spill getting more attention?

Asked by SuperMouse (30785points) May 24th, 2010

Recently Mr. Limbaugh explained his belief that rather than being BP’s fault, the recent oil spill was actually caused by The Sierra Club. He has also said that the money being spent to clean the spill is wasted because these massive amounts of oil are natural and if left alone it will fix the problem. Why is he able to spout this stuff without being called out loudly?

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Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer, and is not taken seriously by most serious observers. There is no point in attempting to refute his nonsense because his followers uncritically accept everything he says, and are not amenable to being convinced otherwise. Criticizing his nonsense has only the effect of amplifying it.

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Just like the best way to deal with flamers on Internet forums is to ignore them.

GA @dpworkin

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He wants to be called out loudly. He enjoys it. The responsible thing to do is ignore him, and to feel sorry for all the little robots whose minds are programmed by him.

When I first heard Limbaugh in the 1980s, I kind of liked him. But then I realized his true colors one day in 1989 or so, when he said that jailing record store owners for obscene albums is “part of the first amendment”.

Like many insane people, he flips reality around 180 degrees. The sad thing is the little automatons who take him seriously. But not many do, compared to the general population.

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Happily, I had not heard his comments. They are ridiculous, and that’s why they are being ignored. I enjoy forgetting about him. I only hope I know when he becomes dangerous.

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Who takes his comments seriously anyway? Nobody cares what a prick has to say.

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The same reason everyone watches FOX News for fun instead of news.

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Because Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot. Seriously though, I think we need to pay attention to folks like him when they start telling their listeners to pick up arms and revolt. Until then, it is probably best to ignore them.

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It’s popular to ignore Limbaugh until you can think of something mean to say about him.

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@Nullo What does that even mean? Or are you one of his ineducable acolytes, in which case it doesn’t matter what you think you mean?

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@Nullo one does not have to look to hard to find something mean to say about Rush Limbaugh.

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Rush Limbaugh is the most useless thing on radio. Anyone stupid enough to give credence to his moronic psycho-babble deserves whatever hell can be heaped upon them.

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@dpworkin It means that people who don’t like the guy aren’t even going to pay attention to him, right or not. Silly rabbit!

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@Nullo The question is whether or not he is correct that the oil spill must be blamed on the Sierra Club. Address that issue, please.

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Rush Limbaugh is too cynical to look at any facts. He is an “entertainer” that plays his part for the robots that believe his garbage. The spill is BP’s fault and the spill is so bad (BP has even been found to have lied about the actual amount of oil spilled) that it will be very difficult to clean it up.

I would stick to the facts of the spill itself and not what Rush Limbaugh says. The words I would have for Rush would be too bad to print in a post. There are more reliable people to get information from than Rush Limbaugh and Faux News.

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@dpworkin I was speaking in the more general sense. Upon review of the question details, I see that my initial comment was not the best one for the occasion. I will rectify that now.

“Why is he able to spout this stuff without being called out loudly?”
Because most of the people who don’t like to listen to Limbaugh don’t listen to Limbaugh. His audience therefore consists of people who like to listen to Limbaugh and those – and I believe that the OP fits here – who like to listen to Limbaugh so that they can ridicule his opinions online.
I believe that someone posted a similar post a while back about Danny Glover pinning the Haiti quake on global warming or oil drilling or something.

Is he wrong? Perhaps. I stopped following the oil leak story shortly after it broke.
With one notable exception, and that because it’s a St. Louis thing and I heard it from someone else. What kind of person thinks that an astrophysicist is going to have much useful input on plugging an oil leak, anyway?

It’s this kind of thing that makes me doubt the competence of the White House staff.

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Why listen to rush? Our president (pbuh) came up with a solution to the oil spill… he said ‘plug the hole!.’ We are so lucky to have such a brilliant president.

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