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I'm getting my hair cut and colored for the first time in over a year tomorrow. I'm nervous and need some suggestions. Can you find me some hair ideas?

Asked by andreaxjean (1268points) May 25th, 2010

I got my hair cut really short last May and I’m not looking to get it cut that short again. This is what it looked like the last time I had it cut. My hair is now long enough to pull back into a pony tail. It’s down to my shoulders and I keep it pulled back because the layers are all uneven from the way it grew out after I had it cut last.

Well.. I’m looking for something a little edgy… but I want to keep the length because it gives me more to play with. I really want to change the color to something brighter. Right now it’s brown with natural red highlights.. but it looks really dark red in the light. I’ve had it a copper blonde color before and I really liked it… but I think I want something more than one solid color.

Start pouring in the ideas! =D

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No. But you can look at magazines.

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You look cute with that haircut!
If you are looking for something new,I would get a few hair magazines and pick a cut from there.Something with your texture and similar face shape :) Good luck!

—-I’d keep the red too as it is a beautiful color—

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@perspicacious & @lucillelucillelucille I’ve looked at tons of magazines and I can’t find the type of edge that I’m looking for. That’s why I’m asking for help from everyone else. Some of the styles in magazines are too over-the-top and some are just blah. I don’t want to go into the salon tomorrow and just get a trim. Boo.. I’m so nervous/excited.. and I don’t have much time to look around online because I have work today.

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@andreaxjean -Why don’t you just get a trim of your layers,keep them long and when you have more time,pick a haircut that you want.Maybe go more drastic with your color?Getting your color will be a change while you decide what to do with your haircut…I’ll cut it for you and it will be unforgettable! LOL :))

My favorite haircut is a shorter bob with short bangs.The kind women assasins wear in the movies.Hey,you asked!:)

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Keep the cut you have on Flikr. that haircut and your winning smile is a big bonus for you.

I would not change a thing. that’s you!!!

How about changing avatars and put the short hair photo on Fluther. this place needs some brightening up.

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@john65pennington The reason why I don’t want it that short again is because I’m getting married in a year and I want to be able to just have my hair in a low side ponytail with soft curls. No up do… and I don’t really want to have to worry about getting extensions put in or taking them out.

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Okay. i love long hair, but that style is you.

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That color’s perfect for you; if I were you, I wouldn’t change it at all. As for your haircut, you have a very pretty gamine look (you probably get tired of being called “cute” but, well, you are), so the short style is very flattering. After your wedding, you might want to consider cutting your hair short again.

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I might suggest a lighter red with a few highlights to accent your anticipated wedding day hair style! Or stay with your brown and blend in the red highlights which should change with the summer sun too! Then towards fall start maintaining the color for the big day.

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I reckon you could pull some of Cheryl Cole off, take a look at some of her pictures for ideas :-/
You could do worse! ;-)

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I am standing my ground and not going with the flow here with my answer. the black short hairstyle and your smile are a winning combination. if you loved your long hair, then why did you cut it?

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@john65pennington I cut it because I was tired of seeing the same long drabby hair I had before. Right now I’m just planning on trimming and layering it. Plus, before, I was the mother of a 6 month old and she loved to pull on any thing that dangles. =] That was a good reason for me to cut it short.

As for the color… I’m really leaning towards block coloring. Any suggestions for that, fluther buddies?

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@andreaxjean I’m not familiar with block coloring? Do you mean obvious streaks rather than more subtle highlights?

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Well, you asked for Fluther suggestions, so I’m not forcing any unsolicitated advice on you.

My opinion—please don’t do that. Streaky hair looks odd, and it’s a trend that will pass quickly and not age well. Your wedding photos will be forever, so it’s better to go with a more classic, timeless look. Otherwise, your wedding photos will become a time capsule of some fad from 2010.

You’re very pretty just as you are.

If you want to see a really bad wedding hair mistake, go to Google Images and search “jennie garth” + wedding. She piled her hair on top of head, sloppily and falling every which way, and looked really bizarre. She was probably going for something different and edgy, but the photos are just plain weird.

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keep the bottom length but get the top layer cut real short so you could tease it if you want’. Then get both the layers dyed, the bottom darker and the top lighter, like black and red, brown and reddish blonde. That’s what I’ve got. Brown underneath and black on top. :)

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How about a longer layered haircut with bangs? Like this, this or this?

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Sinead O’Conner style a little too short? Smooth heads are kinda sexy like the first Star Trek movie.

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yes, I have some advice: cut it but don’t color it, now a days everybody colors it, be the few exeptions :)

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@Haleth I really like the second picture. I just might print it, bring it to my hairdresser, and get the same style.

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@Haleth I like the third picture, but my hair isn’t long enough. =[ Great suggestions, though!

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