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Msn had a great question: What would you ask your teen self?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20914points) May 25th, 2010

What would you ask your 14–17 year old self if you could. Now from the position of an adult, what would you ask your teen self?

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Was that much porn really necessarry?

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Wanna switch places?

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I have no idea what I would ask my teen self. I can think of things I would tell my teen self. I’ll keep following. GQ.

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“You really think it is the best choice, picking starting to work instead of finishing your school?”

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“You’re a tall, slender girl, so why do you listen to your mother when she ridicules you for being ‘fat’?”

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@Primobabe , what, why on earth….....?

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I’d ask my teen self, “Do you want to hide in fear for 20 years or be true to yourself?”

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@hawaii_jake Did you really deny and hide until you were in your mid-thirties? If yes, I’m so sorry to hear that. You must have suffered every single day of those 20 years.

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@ZEPHYRA Thank you for the “hug.” Yes, I was 5’ 7.5” tall and weighed about 115–120 lbs. If I mentioned being hungry, she’d say, “Just remember…when your stomach’s gnawing away at you, you’re losing weight.” Once, I crossed my legs while wearing shorts, which formed one small indentation on my thigh. She said, “You have cellulite, just like a fat, old woman.” The list goes on…

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@Primobabe , yes, I denied my sexuality until I was 35, but now I’m 46. After 11 years out of the closet, I feel good.

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@hawaii_jake Good for you. Hey, you can get married in Hawaii, right? I love Hawaii…not for the beaches and moutains, but because it’s the most liberal state in the nation. Hawaii leaves every other blue state in the dust.

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@Primobabe Nope, no same-sex marriage in Hawaii.

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@hawaii_jake Really? I’m very surprised. I thought that Hawaii would at least recognize same-sex marriages, even if the state doesn’t currently grant them. That’s the situation in my home state of Rhode Island; same-sex marriages are recognized, but not performed. That’s also the first step on the way to more progressive, compassionate law.

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@Primobabe Since NY and California don’t allow same sex marriage, no state surprises me.

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Why did you take so long to kick your sister’s ass?She’s not the boss of you!She’s not!She’s not! She’s not! ;)

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I would ask myself why fitting in was so important. Then I would tell myself to just be who I really am and everyone be damned.


Want same sex marriage? Move to Canada!

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No worries dude it gets bigger, way bigger.You have fun with that you hear.

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