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Are there homeopathic analogs to antibiotics?

Asked by andrew (16358points) March 15th, 2008

So, my sinus infection is getting to the stage where I know I’m going to need a Z-pak, but of course, being the weekend, I won’t be able to see the doctor until Monday at the earliest.

Is there an over-the-counter herb or somesuch that mimics an antibiotic so I can get a jump on this bugger before it turns into bronchitis?

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Will irrigation help, or are you past that stage? If so, perhaps a Neti pot, used VERY carefully or just a squirt or two of salt and warm water w. a rubber syringe. I don’t know what a Z-pak is. Do you still have yr tonsils and adenoids?

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@gailcalled: It has moved backward and it’s now in the heavy-post-nasal-drip stage (sorry for the details) and rapidly dropping into my upper bronchial tubes. No tonsils anymore.

Z-pak (zithromax) is a wonderful 5-day antibiotic that annihilates my sinus infections.

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Homeopathy is just water, so that’s not going to kill the bacteria infecting your sinuses. There may be some over the counter anti-histamines that will reduce your symptoms and help you feel better until you can see a MD. You could also try gargling hydrogen peroxide if your throat gets sore.

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Andrew, I have been having exactly the same bug, hideous. My brother made me take
a lot of Nyquil (day and night). This forced me to sleep a lot. It seemed to help but maybe it was on its way to being overy anyway. I was having swollen glands and coughing a lot. Did not want bronchial involvement as the last bronchitis I had lasted 3 months. Good luck. Go to bed.

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@susanc: Must….work…on….fluther…..

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This doesn’t get a lot of press, but it turns out the best medicine for a sinus infection is not an antibiotic per se, but rather a nasal decongestant (and I am an infectious disease specialist, so one might think I would be pushing antibiotics, but not in this case). So, what I always recommend is Sudafed or some other decongestant taken around the clock, along with humidified air to loosen the mucous, i.e. long hot showers, and a humidifier in your bedroom at night. You might also try sleeping a bit more propped up (like with 2 pillows) to help the post nasal drip go away. If absolutely necessary, you can take antibiotics, of which azithromycin is but one option (and probably the “biggest gun” in the antibiotic arsenal). Obviously, this is for future events, since by this time I assume your infection has passed.

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Oh and I would add that antihistamines aren’t the best idea since they tend to “dry you out”, which just keeps the mucous impacted. I also wouldn’t recommend gargling with hydrogen peroxide, though I do agree with the comment that “homeopathy is just water”. Of that, I am not a big fan.

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I suppose you mean something besides my chicken soup?

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I wouldn’t personally recommend antiobiotics anyways. They can cause a Candida yeast build-up, which can turn rather….gruesome (Don’t ask a doctor about this, cause they’ll deny it. They can’t market something that comes out of the ground, so they want you sicker, so they can give you more drugs, & get more money…...). Try drinking more fluids, & things like wasabe or horseradish. Anything relatively spicy.

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@Draconess25 Wait, you mean, doctors don’t know that antibiotics have side effects? You’re kidding.

And hey, look, the source of penicillin is a bread mold, cephalosprins from are modified from a compound produced by another fungus, acremonium, aminoglycosides are derived from streptomyces, and daptomycin comes from another streptomyces. If you really believe wasabe or horseradish can cure a real infection, I wish you the best of luck.

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@Draconess25 I hate to break it to you, but Doctors like to help people. That’s why they have a job that necessitates being on call at crazy hours, having patients sue them even though they did everything right, watching reimbursements get lower and lower every year, and a ton of other shit. Anyone smart enough to be a Doctor, is also smart enough to realize that they could make a lot more money doing something else…like working for a health insurance company.

They like to make sick patients well again, whereas these “all natural” people make tons of cash peddling their crappy, untested and unproven snake oils by promoting fear and mistrust… it’s dangerous and sometimes costs people their lives. Sorry but just because it’s from the ground doesn’t mean it’s healthy, look at arsenic, lead, hemlock, mercury, poison oak, curare, many species of mushrooms etc.

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Snake oil? If I was within 30 feet of SNAKE OIL I’d slaughter someone! Heh….whay do I even bother with these mortals? sigh

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First, go here and read my answer at the bottom. Raw garlic is hundreds of times more effective as an antibiotic than any garlic product you can buy off the shelf.

Other stuff you can do is take oil of oregano internally (my directions say take 1to 4 drops, but I know folks who use a lot more than that, and I eat or drink after). I have just started to use it, so I don’t know as much about it as I’d like to. Now oil of oregano burns and tastes like battery acid…or gasoline. But it has very effective antibiotic properties. If you choose to, you can buy it in capsule form.

If you’re serious about dealing about this without antibiotics, you need to see someone (a naturopath or someone equally qualified to advise you), because the things I’m telling you are what I have done, or would do if I found myself in your situation, not what I am prescribing you to do. And lastly, I strongly suggest you read everything you can find about the healing properties of these herbs. OK, that’s about it for garlic and oregano oil. I have other resources, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

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Oil of Oregano is fantastic. If your teeth ache , buy a bottle of the capsules. Empty one into your palm and add ¼ teaspoon of olive oil. swirl a Q-tip in it and rub it all over your gums. Always works for me regardless of the cause. Yeast keeping you awake, ladies? Get a bottle of homeopathic “Vaginitis” and take 3 under the tongue. The itch stops. Always works. I know of many others but I won’t post any unless they’ve worked consistently for me.

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