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What do you think of this computer:

Asked by rskaletz (81points) May 25th, 2010

Pros? Cons?
I’m using it to travel abroad, I really don’t need to many fancy things on it.

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There are a lot of netbooks on the market with similar specs. Read the reviews and buy by price. Try looking at the Asus EEE Netbooks on Amazon or, and reading the customer reviews. Dell is not the paragon that it once was, although things change and it may come back.

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Take a look here. It’s a little old, but the market hasn’t moved on that much since this summary was published.

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Looks ok, but I wouldn’t buy it. Maybe get a “HP Pavillion TX2 Tablet“–1020US-TouchSmart-12–1-Inch-Dual-Core-Processor/dp/B001LF35VY

I have one and it is great!

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Dells are always overpriced and overrated. Same goes for HP, although not as much as Dell.

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In my opinion, the real problem with HP is the dishonesty of their “support” system. Their practice is to delay helping you as long as possible until you give up or go out of warranty. I don’t think that Dell is so much overrated as it is kind of plain vanilla.

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If you are looking for a netbook absolutely don’t get this one. For the same price you can get one of Samsung’s new netbooks with Windows 7 which runs much better than XP, not to mention is generally cooler all around.

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