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Can I train my brain not to get headaches? [proposed method below]?

Asked by windex (2932points) May 26th, 2010

If you drink coffee on a regular basis and stop one day, you will get a headache. (true for most people I believe)

What If I drink coffee for 1–2 days, and don’t drink it the 3rd day, then drink for another 2 days, and stop for one day. And so on.

Will my body adapt and get used to this and not cause headaches in the future due to lack of caffeine?

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Tell us the result of your experiments.

I will tell you that I occasionally drink caffeinated coffee and do not have any headaches afterward.

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I have absolutely no idea, but I’d be very interested to see what happens!

I drink a lot of espresso coffee and if I only have a cup in the morning (say, 8am) and then no coffee at all for the rest of the day (or a really weak cafetiere at work), then I usually have a headache the next morning. For me, it’s a 24 hour cycle, suggesting that the headaches are related to the strength of the coffee and the frequency of my drinking it.

I think that if you reduced your frequency of coffee intake overall (i.e., only drinking on two days out of three), then you’d be less likely to get headaches than say, if you drink coffee every day for a week, and then stop for a day. I don’t know how neat or predictable this system would be, but I would say that a reduction in overall consumption (e.g., deciding to abstain for coffee for one day every few days) may reduce negative symptoms of caffiene withdrawal. I’m completely guessing here, mind you, just based on my own experience – not scientific at all!

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I suggest that you titrate down your daily caffeine intake gradually over a period of weeks to minimize the adverse effects.

You can do this with weaker coffee, smaller amounts, fewer servings

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Get down to one cup and be sure to drink plenty of water. I quit coffee and all caffine three times in my life. It only gave me a headache for a few days. I found drinking plenty of water helps. Especially if you start drinking water before you quit.
People forget if your going to quit caffiene, that it includes, chocolate, some teas, and sodas.

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