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Do you feel that you look the part of your personality?

Asked by ubersiren (15180points) May 26th, 2010

If you’re a conservative, straight-laced person, are you neat and tidy in appearance? If you’re angry and outlandish, do you have a mohawk? If you’re a comedian or just don’t care, does it show in your goofy outfit, or wacky hair-do?


Give some examples of how you do, or do not look the same on the inside and outside. Can people tell by looking or having a brief conversation with you that you are an anarchist, a staunch Republican, analytical, artistic, etc. This can mostly be physical, but if you have other examples, they would be interesting too. For example, meeting someone for the first time- Does your first impression show people the real you?

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I don’t really know how I look to other people to be honest, I have never asked and not many people have told me what they have thought on a first impression. I know how I am, but I don’t attribute it to my looks or the way I dress or anything because I know that my personality can be accustomed to many different looking people.

I am clean-cut and well-dressed, I am goofy and laugh a lot and joke around, and with the right people I converse on a deeper, more intellectual level. I am super-liberal and an adamant freethinker.

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Some people think I look all sweet & innocent. Other people have wet themselves out of fear. And others find me extremely sexy. Some just give me odd looks.

I dunno what I am.

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I have to look pretty clean and neat for work and all dolled up when I go out but inside is a wild man waiting to bust out! On the weekend the less clothes the better as I will most likely be all sweaty and mussed up from doing just about every crazy thing I do but I will still smell good!

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Interesting question.

I don’t really dress in any perceivable fashion and I don’t really choose my clothes to fit my perceived persona. I’m a jeans and sneakers girls most of the time. Sometimes I dress up, which can mean a dress or skirt/slacks and a nice shirt. Sometimes I even wear make-up. I don’t have a unique hairstyle or anything that makes me stand out, except for my tattoos.

How people perceive me has a lot to do with whether or not I am showing any of my multiple tattoos. It’s kinda funny actually. If someone meets me when my tattoos are showing they seem to have a certain view of who I am. When they finally see my tattoos, I can sometimes see the change in their expression.

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I would honestly be curious. I have never asked people what they thought they could determine from my appearance.

I’ve had people tell me I “look gay” before, but I’m not sure what they meant by that. I suppose short blond hair, preppy clothing, etc. could tell people that I’m more on the preppy side, maybe they could determine that I’m a bit of a partier.

But really, those are more about interests than they are about personality. (I guess it could tell people that I’m an extrovert?) I sincerely doubt that a person could determine too much accurate information about my personality just by looking at me. I do tend to match sometimes and I try to do that, so people could determine that I am organized and I do put some effort into my appearance. As for anything else, I don’t know; I’ll have to ask.

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Yes.Especially the first thing in the morning.woo-la.

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No. I look old. But it’s just a pose. Actually I’m about 34.

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I feel my personality belongs in a body taller and slimmer than mine. I look like some facets of my personality.

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I think I look like a kind person with a bit of an edge. I leave my hair messy and could pass for an artist… which I would consider myself despite my lack of motivation to paint, draw, etc. I think I fit and play my part quite well.

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I’ve always felt there was a 6ft tall, 185lb gorgeous man waiting to break out of me so, no.

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I’m N 85 year old trapped in a 49 year old body with the mind of a 14 year old.

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Boy, do I ever. I seem to have misplaced my bicorne.

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No, and it can suck sometimes. I’m a 220 lb bald guy who wears a Harley-Davidson hat. A few of my friends have admitted that the first time they met me they didn’t approach me b/c I looked like I’d throw them through a wall.

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I think I look the way I dress, bohemian earthy/classy…depending.
Reflective of my creative nature with a flair.

I favor skirts, boots, cool jackets, lacy feminine tank tops underneath, shawls, eclectic jewelry and gladiator sandles, and gotta have my pedicures.

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During the work day, I look like a well put together teacher (nicely dressed), am calm, professional, maybe, a little serious, yet, after hours, I definitely have a wild side. That’s more of who I am. The daytime is an act. =) My girlfriend, friends, family, well, anyone outside of work sees the true me. I tend to either dress up (for going out), or am casual when not working.

I guess that you would say that my true personality doesn’t match my daytime work attire.

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I’m pretty wild, and I usually have a crazy hairstyle/hair color (mohawk, bleach, hair dyes, strange styles, etc.)

Right now my head is shaved and people assume that the only reason a girl would have a shaved head is if she’s a white supremacist which is definitely not true.

I wear a lot of thrift store clothes or shirts I’ve sewn together haphazardly, and a lot of really odd jewelry, so I’d say just by looking at me people can tell I don’t care what anyone thinks and that I’m slightly off my rocker. :)

People a lot of times also like to assume I’m a lesbian because my head is shaved (and, well, I do speak out a lot for gay rights) but I’m not.

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I look like a frightening recluse. In reality I’m a frightened recluse.

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Some of you people need hugs. :)

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Well…then there is my hippie farm woman look, like this morning…blue rubber muck boots, wacky psychedelic jammie bottoms, crazy hair….thank god I live in the forest, so far my morning look hasn’t caused a stampede. lolol

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I think most of us dress to play up the parts of our personalities that must be dominant and different times.

Work- I love classic tailored suit separates but paired with slightly racy shoes.

Dating- dresses more on the side of elegant than hoochie.

Running around fun- I love my jeans, t-shirt and boots or shortie shorts, t-shirt and cute sandals.

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@Coloma Wow…...maybe it is a good thing you live in the forest lol :) Was it even wet or raining outside?

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Yes, been raining since yesterday, late spring storm, predicitng 6–8 inches of new snow in the Sierras…a girls gotta be outfitted for every occasion. lol

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@Coloma Well that’s good then, you are not one of those people that wears rubber boots in the sun lol.

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@Coloma I aspire to be like you one day. Living in the forest, possibly working in a garden or tending to some chickens or other such farm animal. Being more connected to nature. Unless it’s hot outside, then the deal is off.

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I’ve always tried to look like I thought a person like me should look. Which has worked out pretty well. My style of choice is kind of an unfortunate marriage between stripped-down goth chick and yuppie/hippie girl, depending on whether you see me tapping on my phone at the time or not. Whatever. It’s all damn comfortable. I have been told that it is evident I’m Jewish. I found that revelation odd, because I had never thought that I looked obviously Jewish before – had never thought about it one way or the other, even.

Few know what I think about anything. Most certainly can’t tell from my garments. People tend to not ask about my opinions. Something about me encourages others to talk, and I like listening. And I’m so taciturn I usually don’t say too much in any given conversation. At any rate, if folks looked they could probably deduce that I think too much, because that tends to be a characteristic of the goth, hippie, and fashion-inept populace-es. I think that it would tend to come as a surprise, however, that I love to go shooting and was a synchronized swimmer for 10 years or so, for instance.

Interesting question – whether my first impression to others shows me, the “real” me. Years of philosophy classes have trained me to reply that the answer to that question is inevitably No, because in one’s apprehension of any thing, what is apprehended is only ever one’s own consciousness’ construction of the thing, and not the thing itself. But of course, what you are asking about is if one can create one’s image such that it is mirrored in the mind of the beholder – whether we can arrange our appearance to match the preconceptions of the perceiver, so that the perceiver believes of us only what we wish her to believe. Perhaps if one were well tuned to cultural trends and knew the magic of manipulating one’s appearance – as, it seems, many of us are, and can.

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If my hair is behaving, then yes. I find that my hair has a lot to do with whether I feel my outside accurately represents my inside. When I was a child, I looked like Orphan Annie, and I always wished, hoped and prayed I would morph into Crystal Gayle.

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Not really, I have that sweet little old lady look going on. I look all prim and proper, a little meek and mild.

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