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What's a good album to get for my six-year-old nephew?

Asked by sumul (360points) March 15th, 2008

I’m going to be visiting my brother and sister-in-law next week, and I want to get some music for my nephew. Any suggestions?

I don’t want to get him “kids’ music.” He has plenty of that, and he prefers real music. I was thinking about getting him Yael Naim, but I’m not sure if he’d enjoy listening to music with lyrics he can’t understand.

And it’s gotta be something his parents won’t find to be “objectionable.” No explicit lyrics, etc.

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Lifehouse is a good band; No Name Face is a decent album for a kid I think…

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Jack Johnson and friends
singalongs and lullabies for curious george

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Cellular, modular, interactivodular!

Jack Johnson is also a good choice.

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The band They Might Be Giants has made a couple of CDs targeted towards kids, but without the cloying kid music vibe; the songs are about crossing the street and getting to bed, but with good music and clever lyrics. Check out “No!”.

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ohhhh i love TMBG i forgot about them. I pretty much grew up on that band from all their videos on nick and cartoon network. Dr Worm is my favorite.

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The Putomayo label has a ton of world music grouped by theme, plus a kid-friendly series.

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Don’t force the music issue…
He will find his niche in the music world soon enough…
Just be supportive…
A gift card or certificate to a “music store” would allow him to express and discover his own tastes…

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The Beatles!

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uncle rock, “uncle rock u” is what you want he was a bassist with the punk band, the fleshtones, and now writes songs that are kid-focused, and adult-enjoyable. He’s on iTunes, give him a listen!

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how about emimens LP I heard great things

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yeah, I love emimen. I also love dr. der, Motchbax tewnty, and narvina.

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no it dadn’t

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I suggest the Foo Fighters!

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I think you should take him to BestBuy, that way he can pick something he wants and it can be something you guys can do together.

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