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Why isn't my fluther linking to my IM account properly?

Asked by bongo (4297points) May 27th, 2010

I have accepted fluther as a friend on my msn however fluther is not ‘online’ therefore I cant send the message to verify my email. is there something I’m doing wrong?

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Not your fault at all.

Flutherbot is very sick right now. He’s convalescing in an undisclosed location in the swiss alps.

As soon as we find time, we’ll send a team over to rescue him from his regimen of cheese and hot chocolate.

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@andrew I’m very sick too. Can you put me on a regimen of cheese and hot chocolate?

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@janbb Still? You’ve been under the weather for several days now. I hope you recover real soon.

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@janbb I do hope both you and flutherbot get better soon! If you need a little bit of cheering up I started a question the other day where people told me jokes, might make you smile.

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He should be back and ready to go on his little robot jelly legs. Let me know if there are any problems.

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