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Romantic partner time- everyone's ideas are different so what do you like or would you like to do?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22627points) May 27th, 2010

Are you the dressed up and out to fancy dinner followed by flowers, chocolate, champagne and silk tie nekid funtime or sky diving, tequilla shots and talk radio type?

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Baseball games! No necktie required.

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Lots of laughs, ice cream and sex. The more easy going, the better.

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Anytime we’re just cuddling. Just being close to them makes my day….

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(past tense) Stay at home. I prepare the meal. French or Russian late romantic on the stereo. Candle light. Semi-formal dress. Several leisurely courses. Take the remains of the champagne out onto the deck to watch the sun set behind the Green Mountains. Retire to the bedchamber for a night of menage a trois.

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Dinner on our back patio, as the sun moves low and the day becomes quiet and relaxed. No matter what I cook, it tastes like a feast and seems like a celebration.

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As our home is filled with loud kids and a sometimes equally loud sister we like to go out. If it is a romantic outing then we are the dress to the nines and go some where nice kind of people. Actually we are celebrating our 16th anniversary today and we are doing exactly that.

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Happy Anniversay :)

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A good meal, lovingly prepared.
Some stimulating conversation.
Some massage and cuddling leading to some lovely sex with plenty of give and take.

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Sitting on the back porch laughing with the man I’ve laughed with for 31 years. Catching his eye and sharing a knowing look others can’t interpret.

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@Silhouette Your answer makes me smile.

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I’m beginning to think I’m the last of a frivolous breed who wants candlelight, fresh fragrant flowers, music, nibbles, champagne, smooth clean sheets & bodies, elegant lingerie, massage, lots of soft deep kissing and a hours of lovemaking. It exists, I lived it before, I didn’t dream it up! Heh.

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No you’re not! I love candlelight! I find it very romantic. :) Except, replace the flowers with chocolate. :D

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