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What was the best Valentine you ever received?

Asked by everephebe (11584points) February 14th, 2011

What was the most romantic gesture, gift or surprise you received on or for Valentine’s day?

For me it might be Radiohead’s newest album announcement for it’s release this Satuday.

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Today’s! I woke up to a card and rose in my coffee cup by the coffee maker. Even after 20 of them she still really knows how to make me feel loved. ;)

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My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day much, but having him in my life is the best gift I have ever received.

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Well this wasn’t something I received, but my cousin was married on Valentine’s day, and their daughter was born two years later… on Valentine’s day. What a special gift!!

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Banging a girlfriend in sexy lingerie. It was like fulfilling the slut fantasy without having to actually find a slut.

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I can’t remember, which goes to show you how important Valentine’s Day is to me.

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I don’t remember ‘what’ he gave me…but, I remember ‘how’ he made me feel. He was someone wonderful who loved me to pieces, but I wasn’t mature enough to understand what that meant. I hope someone is making him very happy now…he sure deserves it.

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I cannot remember any Valentines Days specifically, let alone what I might have received.

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I have since remembered. On Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, my husband heard a French love song on the way to work. He sent me a link to it saying that he thought of me while it was playing. That was the most romantic gesture I ever received on Valentine’s Day.

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My hubby has done something sweet and romantic for every Valentine’s Day, except one.

Today was a little more special though, because he actually remembered that I’m not horribly fond of traditional roses, and instead bought me the most gorgeous bouquet of daisies that had been dyed pink and purple. They’re beautiful! Oh, and let’s not forget the ginormous box of chocolate truffles that were served to me as I sat in bed, sipping my coffee.

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Honestly, the best Valentine’s Day from a lover was back in 1985. My ex-wife never seemed to be a romantic giver, but sure expected a lot. The only V-Day present I remember her giving me was a pair of ski boots, (we were going skiing two days later).

My GF back in ‘85, though, made it all about loving me.

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@lucillelucillelucille Really? I can do that. Here goes… ahem… “L”.

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It was probably a surprise trip to St. Augustine, FL one Valentine’s weekend. It also included all the right things: a lovely card, flowers, a piece of beautiful heirloom jewelry, and a large box of Godiva chocolates. This morning ranked a close second though with a sweet money-filled card and my just-right coffee in bed, this from a man from whom I have been happily divorced for 22 years!

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The ones my children used to make for me.

The best romantic one is hearing those three heartfelt words.

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Actually, today’s valentine card from my sweetie was the best I remember getting—it’s too precious and personal to repeat here, but it’s definitely the best I think I’ve ever gotten. He left it for me where I’d find it in my den before leaving for work.

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Today! I’ve been feeling really down lately, and I was bummed about not having the Valentine I’d wanted. However, my freshman friend gave me a cardboad box she decorated herself filled with chocolate :] It literally made my day!

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Update: Today was the best for me. Myself, daughter and three grandsons had a great night out. Went to a nice restaurant…everyone’s food was tasty…great conversation and laughter…we split a couple of huge desserts and had great fun doing so. I am so appreciative.

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A new rope’s course/activity center had opening last year and they were having a Valentine’s Day special for couples to come and have fun on the ropes course all day then hang out in the lodge with hot chocolate.
I love climbing things (especially when I’m not supposed to), so my lady surprised me by taking me to this couples adventure day so I could get my monkey on with her tagging along right beside me… with harnesses, and safety personell.

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