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What other perfume smells similarly to Fendi by Fendi?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21458points) May 29th, 2010

So, I finally found the perfume for me, I wore it for a couple of years, and then Fendi discontinued it. I’m more torn up about it than I probably should be, but seriously, this perfume was made for me. With my body chemistry, it just smelled absolutely delicious and divine. I got compliments all the time. I loved it and I’m really sad I can’t buy it anymore. with a $100+ price tag due to its rarity, I can’t afford it.

What other perfume smells similarly? The Fendi is described as: Introduced by Fendi in 1985, FENDI is a luxurious oriental woody fragrance. This Perfume has a blend of leather, rose, sandalwood, amber, and musk.

I’m not good at describing smells, but it was warm and spicy, not really floral. This site says:

Fragrance Notes: Lemon, Coriander, Cardamon, Mandarin, Geranium, Laurel Leaves, Cypress, Lily of the Valley, Cedar, Moss, Labdanum, Tonka

Fragrance Family: Chypre, Floral

Please help me find something similar. I’ve been searching and it makes me want to cry a little bit. I know it’s a silly thing, but you have no idea how very much I loved this scent and how it really became my own.

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From the ingredients, I would strongly suggest Thymes Limited products. They are absolutely wonderful quality products and won’t break the bank. Their fragrances just make you…and, anyone around you, feel better.

Lightlyseared's avatar classifies it as an oriental floral scent and suggests a number of similar scents you could try.

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I’d personally suggest Jo Malones Basil Lime and Mandarin.

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Often times chain stores (Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Kohl’s, etc.) will carry no-name knock-offs of famous scents. The packages will read “Similar to (fragrant x)”. They are inexpensive and usually smell pretty accurate.

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@MissA – Thanks, I will check that out.
@Lightlyseared – Interesting, because the scent is not really classically floral. It’s like deep, warm, kind of spicy. I clicked on your link, but I don’t see where they suggest other scents. Also, do you have any idea whether that site is reliable? They appear to sell the one I want, but I’m kind of put off by the site design, not to mention I know the perfume is discontinued, so I feel like they probably don’t have it.
@buckyboy28 – Good idea, hadn’t thought to check for a knockoff.

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“Fendi by Fendi” sounds a little pretentious…..
Have you googled “leather, rose, sandalwood, amber, and musk”?

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I know, I know. It’s almost embarrassing. If you knew me, though, you would realize that it’s like an absolute fluke that the one perfume that is perfect for me is by Fendi. I generally give a rat’s ass about designer anything.. the most expensive clothing items I own are from the Gap.

I did a quick Google of the notes mentioned, but I think I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow to do a more in-depth search. I’m sleep-deprived and getting ready to crash.

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@Lightlyseared – Yay! Everything else aside, that is really cool and helpful. Thanks. :)

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i signed up on this site just to answer this question…. i also used fendi for years and never found a perfume like it that i luved so much until yesterday , fendi by fendi is a woody oriental perfume,now try baiser du dragon by cartier kiss of the dragon by cartier ,im in luv with it and is very similiar to that amazing fendi that was dicontinued… give me feedback hope youll adopt dragon kiss as i did

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Thanks.. I will check that out!

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MissAnthrope, oh how I feel your pain!!! I wore Fendi for 20 years!!! I never received or purchased any other fragrance because people knew Fendi was the ONLY thing I wore. I got so many compliments, it smelled great on me and it went perfectly with my body chemistry, as well. I actually read this post of yours last year when I ran out of my last of two bottles I had ordered in 2009, not even realizing the company was discontinuing this bottle of heaven! GASP Then, I googled the same question recently “Are there any other fragrances that smell like Fendi” and this post popped up again without much progress in finding an answer. I found a tube of Fendi lotion that I had stashed in an old box under the sink and I use it quite sparingly. If you DO find anything that compares, PLEASE let me know! My quest is only appreciated by those, like you, who truly understand my loss. :)

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@Sunny3 – It’s funny that you posted this because I was just telling someone yesterday about my personal tragedy of this perfume being discontinued. I have one bottle left that I’m using sparingly. I keep hoping that Fendi will bring this scent back.. Should we start a campaign and write letters??

So, I haven’t found anything yet that compares, but I also have not bought any new perfumes recently. So, ditto.. if you find something similar, please post here and let me know! :)

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ive spent $400—$500 trying to find a perfume post fendi…and agree it was my one true love! nothing compares——looking for the same answer

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I can’t believe I have found a group in the same situation I am in. I am on the computer trolling to find Fendi by Fendi. To my dislike. All I can find is Fendi in a bottle costing 200 dollars and only in a 1.7 bottle of it. And I can’t find anything that would be similar or a knock off of it. So if anyone does please share. Thanks! :)

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I’ve read that if perfume is perfect for you, you can’t smell it on yourself. Fendi is the only one for me. I’m going to look in places suggested on this site. I started out buying Fendi in 1987 at a dep’t store for $70, and wound up buying it at a gas station for $20, then poof no more. I’m brokenhearted!

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I too am searching for a perfume that smells like Fendi. It was the only perfume i wore for years. Its getting to the point to where i will pay the $$$ for the Fendi when i can find it online. I wish Fendi would bring it back!!!

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OMG! I cannpt believe there are so many of us! I am like most of you, worn for years and years, only one that my body chemistry made me recognisible long before I was seen and I could never smell it on me. I have cried and tried to find something close. Why would the manufacturers discontinue this? Was there some secret ingredient that died with the person?
I am going to try baiser du dragon by cartier kiss of the dragon by cartier that somone suggested. Wish we could all ban together and get this started again.

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Hi everyone…me too…I was a Fendi Femme Fiend for years and years. Strangers both male and female stopping me in the street wanting to know what fragrance I was wearing! Male friends asking me what perfume I wore so that they could buy it for their wives! The reaction this scent caused when I wore it was insane!!

Here in Sydney I used to buy several bottles at a time for $40 each at the discount pharmacy…and then the same as all of you…poof…“sorry its out of stock”. Well that was perhaps a couple of years ago now…Luckily I did have a little stock pile and in the mean time I must admit that whenever I see a bottle on ebay regardless if it has been partially used…as long as its not insanely expensive I will snap it up! I dread the day that i completely run out!

Now there are 2 other perfumes that I absolutely adore…perhaps not as much as Fendi Femme but not far from it. Perhaps they will appeal to some of you too…since it seems that we all here have similar taste in perfume! (Now these 2 perfumes are not the same as Fendi but are delicious anyway!)

The first one is “Parfum Sacré by Caron” this is a divine scent…and the other is
“Femme by Rochas”. I would be interested to hear what some of you think!

In the meantime I may try “Baiser du Dragon by Cartier”

Goodnight! x

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Anyone ever tried Scent They actually guarantee a perfect match and have a return guarantee?

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Here in the UK I have trawled shops, asked friends etc for years to help me get hold of the original Fendi. Recently I got swayed to try Prada’s Amber. The salesgirl did an excellent pitch on me. I couldnt smell it on me until an hour later, then it faded and nobody commented at all when i wore it.
I miss Fendi so much. Just seen a 150ml on ebay for £150. Really sat there considering what to do but that is scandalous! Could we not all do a mass write in to fendi??
I miss my Fendi. I want my Fendi back. GIVE IT TO ME NOWWWWWW!

PS…THERE IS NOTHING FLORAL ABOUT FENDI. Who are they trying to kid? WE know dont we that it is woody, musky…and I suppose I could go with oriental if i knew what the hell that meant. but never floral!

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It is sickening that Fendi discontinued that fragrance, I had more than just compliments about it, I actually had one of the greatest romantic experience in my life because and it was highlighted later that the woody Fendi perfume was a big factor. I can not say enough about that fragrance. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Is there anything we can do together to get Fendi to make it again?

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Well I’m glad I’m not the only woman crazy for Fendi by Fendi. I’ve been sniffing perfumes for years to find a matching fragrance to Fendi. (I found two bottles of Fendi by Fendi at a locale fragrance shop for $100 each and have not found anymore Fendi anywhere.). The closest fragrances to Fendi by Fendi ( I found) are Espice Noir by Frederic Malle (let me know what you think about this one), and Magic Noir by Lancome. Fendi has a new perfume Furiosa just launched (and not available in Canada yet)....I hope its close yo Fendi’s original Fendi.

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Wow – so this is where all of us Fendis meet and confess. Karl Lagerfield bought the House of Fendi and I guess he wanted to promote his own perfume. I paid hundreds of dollars on eBay and only now (August 2016) have finally run out of Fendi, although I still have a little lotion – at one point I bought 10 tubes of lotion on eBay! lol Yes, amazing that we all had the experience of all these people, men and women, total strangers commenting on our perfume!

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I found a very similar one ladies… I am in heaven! I had looked at this blog, so I had to comeback and let you know. It is called Elizabeth and James Nirvana. It is a dark brown box. I bought it at Sephora. Enjoy!

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