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I have been getting ridiculous headaches every day, what's the deal?

Asked by chels (6788points) May 29th, 2010

For the past 5 days or so I’ve been getting really horrible headaches (the pain is really sharp). They start right in between my eyebrows (almost where my nose starts) and spread to my whole forehead area. Then I get really bad pain where my temples are. Sometimes light really bothers me (if it’s bright enough) and sound as well. It usually starts mid-day to evening, lasting for a few hours. Sometimes it’ll fade for twenty minutes and then come back.

What’s going on?

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I am no expert but that sounds to me like symptoms friends of mine have described when they’ve had migraines. They could be stress induced, I mean, you are arranging both a wedding and a trans-atlantic move. Those are two very stressful events separately, let alone when smooshed together.

I have no idea how to help you though if the headaches are that bad. I would see a doctor if they persist.

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Something like this, I would believe, is beyond the scope of site advice. Why haven’t you checked this out before now? Is this something you’ve experienced before? Does it run in your family?

As a lay person, I’d think that most headaches are benign. However, some headaches can be the precursor of a serious medical condition. Don’t place yourself at risk…please seek help.

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Light sensitivity makes me think migraine as well.
or pregnancy…

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@KatawaGrey Yeah I plan to go see a doctor when I go to Jersey anyway so I’ll have them check this out too.

@MissA It’s only been going on for 5 days, which is why I haven’t checked it out before, I didn’t really think anything of it. It’s not something I’ve experienced before and I have no idea if it runs in my family. I’m out of the country right now but I’ll be back in the U.S. on the 9th so I’ll be seeing a doctor then!

@casheroo Migrane, maybe. YOU WISH I WAS PREGNANT DON’T YOU.

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Sounds migrainey to me too.

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@janbb “Migrainey”. I like that word :)

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@casheroo I know you so well. Wait like.. 10 years and I’ll have one, k?!

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Yeah sounds migrainish to me too. The thing about migraines is it’s often difficult to pin point exactly what triggers them. Sometimes I get them on the computer if I am sitting facing a bright window, or the tv. Generally it’s better if I have my back to the window when on the computer for any time. Candles are bad. Sometimes coffee or booze will set one off, especially if I’m not eating regularly or properly. I got way more migraines when my wisdom teeth were coming through, too, and in times of stress. Sometimes having my hair tied up tightly will trigger it! But sometimes none, or all, or a combination of these things will. If you have changed your contraceptive pill (or started taking it), this might have set them off. If this is the case, you should stop taking them (which is what my doc told me). Maybe you have a bowel blockage?! A common trigger for tension headache!

But see a doctor, try to relax. Maybe have a good sleep. Hope you feel better!

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@chels We have to wait ten years for the fluther bubba?!

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@jeanmay Yeah. My wisdom teeth have been coming in for some time now (I was supposed to get all 4 pulled in May of ‘07 due to the fact that they’re all impacted), and I have been a bit stressed lately. I’ve also noticed that they come around the same time each day. Has that ever happened with you?
And yeah. 10 years.. or so. :D Be patient!!! <3

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Sounds ambiguous to me… could be migraine symptoms (any vomiting involved?) or Trigeminal neuralgia (the wisdom teeth could be contributing to that).

My best advice is to keep that Dr’s appointment you had for Jersey sweety. You need a thorough check up.

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Are you getting enough water? A lot of the time extreme headaches or migraines can be caused by dehydration or just a lower intake of water in general. If you are under any stress that could also be causing it.

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since i moved to colorado, i get headaches pretty frequently around 3 or 4 PM that last for a few hours or until i chug a shit load of water or take pills. i was told this is due to something have to do with the pressure…i don’t know if that’s right or not but it makes sense. the coworker that told me this also said that the pressure changes around this time of the day so it makes sense that i get headaches then. since i’m not used to living at that altitude? so maybe it’s the change of location, plus the stress you’re under, plus the wisdom teeth.

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@Dr_C No vomiting involved. And yeah, I’ll be getting lots of stuff done in Jersey. I’ll let you know how it goes!

@Trance24 It may be stress, but I don’t really think it’s dehydration as I do drink lots of water :)

@deni I’m not sure if it’s the pressure thing. But the wisdom teeth/stress might be causing it!

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The migraine expert here. i have had all three types of migraine headaches. it appears yours is close to the same area, as mine use to be, before they just quit. loud sounds and bright lights would trigger my headaches, along with the smell of really sweet perfume. MG is also another contributor for migraines. i do not wish this upon you. seek medical treatment asap. migraines can be years of torture for you. there are some good medications on the market that will help with your migraines. injection shots help tremendously. mine started at the age of 18 and just stopped at age 52. mine were hereditery.

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@chels Sorry I disappeared. Not experienced them around a certain time of day, but if your schedule is pretty regular it may be to do with your daily activities – computer time, before or after food, when you exercise or are tired. I had all sorts of head weirdness when I got my wisdoms, and it lasted a couple of years then went away. (Never got them pulled). Hope you get it all cleared up.
Hope fluther is still here in ten years!

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It’s 3 weeks later. Have you been to the doctor? If not, and they still are occurring…please go.

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Yep, that’s a migraine. Get some sleep and have some caffine. Also try putting peppermint oil on your temples. As far as medication goes, try the diffferent kinds of advil, Tylenol, and excedrin. If those don’t work or worse comes to worse, ask your physician.

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