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How many galaxy is there total!

Asked by saigaku (7points) March 15th, 2008 from iPhone

How many is there.

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(cue mysterious music) no one knows, probably infinite

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The best estimate that astronomers have is somewhere around 300 billion in the visible universe. Visible = as far as we could theoretically see based on the age of the universe and the speed of light. This does not mean that we can actually see 300 billion galaxies (our telescopes aren’t strong enough), it’s more of a theoretical estimate.

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These are the numbers for 1965
Galaxie 500 4-door Sedan 181,183
Galaxie 500 2-door Hardtop 157,284
Galaxie 500 4-door Hardtop 49,982
Galaxie 500 Convertible 31,930
Galaxie 500/XL 2-door Hardtop 28,141
Galaxie 500/XL Convertible 9,849
Galaxie 500/LTD 2-door Hardtop 37,691
Galaxie 500/LTD 4-door Hardtop 68,038

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There is no answer for the question at this time. Check back in a couple thousand years or so.

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