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Would you ration to survive?

Asked by deadleaf (212points) May 30th, 2010

There is 100 people: 25 couples, 2 kids a piece, but there is only enough food for 50% of that population for 500 years. The land will not be fertile to crop past 500 years. There is no technological possibility of reproducing excess anything. In the winter you consume more food, and the summer, more water. There is electricity, air conditioning, work, parks, etc. Do not add to the scenario.

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Yes. I already do in an informal way.

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I would do my part, but the other 80 people…..would they do their part?

The children come first. period.

Someone would have to be in charge in order to oversee that the rations are distributed equally.

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I actually asked the question incorrectly. It was intended to request HOW would you ration for that time span. =/

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It would be the only rational course of action to take, in that particular instance.

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When you’re a zombie fan on welfare like me, you know about rations. LAWL

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I subscribe to Jonathan Swift’s dictum about his ‘modest proposal’ to end the Irish potato famine:

Eat the children.

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Since we don’t know what types of foods you have in this hypothetical situation, it’s rather difficult to determine some best methods.

Since we are talking about a 500 year span, the group could voluntarily allow fewer births so as not to replace their numbers, thus having a smaller community.

As for using the resources available, there are some wise techniques which expand their utility. Many things, for example grains, are nourishing and more filling when processed into breadstuffs.

Some things can be grown without soil. Do we have all of the water we need? If so, hydroponics might be helpful. Also, sprouting seeds legumes and grains. Chickens? Eggs.

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the adults are a food source… I perfer that to the skinny kids…But I could never eat a whole one

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@eden2eve & @talljasperman > thats EXACTLY what I was looking for. Something along those lines. Thank you!

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No, everyone gets to eat, no one gets to breed and we just go the way of the Dinosaurs. We either evolve or disappear completely.

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@Silhouette This is what I’m looking for. This is sort of a psychological experiment for me. If this were the case where we KNEW about these things (limited rations, lack of clean water, no land to crop), would we continue to abuse them? The problem lays where we don’t know the limits to our resources. It’s all guesstimated. China is enormous and it’s been estimated that just China alone will increase the strain on natural resources worse than the U.S. will. Who will say no to any one? We will have to fight for it, or accept our fates as humans.

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