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Where can I bring my pet bug to the vet?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10293points) May 31st, 2010

So, say you have a bug that you keep as a pet. A spider, a scorpion…to give you some realistic examples. It gets sick (I don’t know how you could even tell this, maybe it sits in the corner too much) can you bring it to the vet? How much do they charge to get your roach vaccinated?

“Your pet roach carries disease,” some poser. “I’ve had my roach vaccinated, mind your biznass,” the roachs’ wise, responsible owner.

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Here I’ll take a look at it, squish,oopps. I’m sorry to tell you this but Robbie the Roach didn’t make it.

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I’m sure some kind of “exotic pets” vet would take in a scorpion or tarantula as a patient.

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I’ve heard of “Rug Doctor” but never “Bug Doctor”.
Great question! I think your best bet would be to find an entomologist.

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@stemnyjones what no roaches? snobberyyyy

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Your best bet, i would think, is to bring your spider or your scorpion to a reptile zoo (if they exist where you live).
Those zoo’s are run by people dedicated to this branch of animals, they know them, love them and i am sure they also would want to advice you on your ‘pet’.

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@Ltryptophan Roaches never die, even when I smash them with a shoe five times. They don’t need vets.

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The only time I’ve taken an insect to the vet is when it’s bit one of my pets and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t harmful.
@stemnyjones beat me to it.. exotic vets take spiders, scorpions and other more common insects/arachnids and snakes.
Roaches and other insects, not so much.
Their lifespan is only about a year, so treating them for any possible disease or vaccinating them would be a bit silly.

If someone is really wants a pet bug aside from the common pet-store ones looked at, they’d have to find an entomologist.

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@stemnyjones what if I hit the roach before I decided to make it a pet…

Then after discombobulating it, I felt bad, and took it in?

But in what condition, it can’t run about in circles all day…

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I mean, someone else hit it…not me… don’t call the spca on me.

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Oh, and about how to tell if they are sick… activity level, food intake, how they walk, looking at their poop, appearance.. etc. can tell you if your tarantula is sick. I’m not sure about scorpion care, but tarantula first aid is actually pretty easy.

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Call your local wildlife conservation reserve or natural history museum. They probable have such people on speed dial.

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Today I went to a vet,
She thought she had lost a bet,
I presented a roach,
she wouldn’t approach,
and that was the end of my pet.

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bugs are scary. They eat your face off.

I would give it a one-way trip down the porcelain creek.

Or in a fit of extreme insanity, I’d find an exotic vet.

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@ The moderator with the itchy trigger finger, WTF? HAHAHAH How was my answer inappropriate?

The Social Section of Fluther has relaxed guidelines for responding. Answerers are encouraged to express their opinions and flex their sense of humor. Social works best when you want to learn about people; hypothetical questions work well here.

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@Silhouette This wasn’t a social question at first.

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@rangerr It is now. Please restore my answer, in fact, please restore the others as well.

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@Silhouette You were most likely modded while it was still under general, where your answer would have been unhelpful. Either way, it’s back now. Chill.

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@rangerr Was the “Chill” really necessary? Didn’t think so.

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@moderator, this was a serious question…why is it being socialized? Please strike silhouette’s answers and return some civility to this dialogue.

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moderator is obv a socialist

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In all seriousness, you could find a vet… I’m sure. My sister recently took her $3 mouse to the vet for a $100 visit.

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Doesn’t the Smithsonian have an insect zoo? I visited it nearly 20 years ago. Perhaps you can get information there.

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Don’t take it to Dr. Heiter

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I feel like getting my roach spray out to do some spraying. Perhaps the vet may do the same!

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