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Can anyone identify this bug?

Asked by Seelix (14937points) July 22nd, 2012

A friend of mine who lives in central Ontario posted this picture of a bug that landed on him this morning while he was sitting in the yard. He says it was about two inches long. I know the picture isn’t the best and I’m sorry, but it was the only one he was able to take before the bug took off.

I’ve Googled to no avail; I can’t figure out what this guy is. Anyone able to shed any light on it? Thanks in advance.

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It looks like a kind of cicada to me.

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It definitely looks like a cicada.

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Fluther entomologists HOOOOOOOOOOOO
@Mariah is right, it could be a Swamp Cicada., given the season and the area

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I think you’re right, @Mariah! I’ve heard cicadas calling in summer all my life, but I’ve never seen one. They must keep themselves pretty hidden most of the time, since my friend had never seen one either :D

Thanks also @PhiNotPi and @Michael_Huntington—now I feel kind of silly asking about such a common bug! But really, I’ve never seen one before, though they yell all day long.

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Yes, it is some sort of Cicada.
Cicada sex is noisy, before, during and after. lolol

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@Seelix It’s funny that this question came up, because I was just researching singing bugs last night. I wanted to know what the makers of the sounds look like! I’ve never seen a cicada either, although I’ve seen an empty husk of one stuck to a tree.

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Cicadas are fascinating insects. There are more than 1,500 species of cicada, but one of the best known is the periodical cicada that emerges from the ground every seventeen years. They spend most of their lives as nymphs, burrowed underground and sucking sap from tree roots and they are considered a delicacy by many people around the world. They are probably best known for their buzzing and clicking noises, which can be amplified by multitudes of insects into an overpowering hum.

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I only say this because it looks similar to Cicadas in Anime.

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It’s a cicada.
I suppose that it could be a Martian.
But it absent that, it’s a cicada.

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Definitely a cicada. My summer is accompanied by a loud chorus of cicadas, I love the sound.

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Yes – this is a cicada. They have life spans (depending on their genus) which spans anywhere from 2 to 17 years. The majority of their lives is spent underground in a “nymph” phase and then they come crawling out of the ground split out of their shell leaving the empty casing attached to something like a tree or the side of a house etc. and then they zip up into a tree after their wings dry and proceed to make a loud squeal/buzz noise each night. When they are dying they are easy to catch and when you grab them by the wings they will rattle their squeal/buzz for you to hear. Which is scary if you aren’t ready for it, but they are harmless to the average human.

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By the way for future reference there is a website sometimes helpful in bug identification called What’s that bug?

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Order: Homoptera
Family: Cicadidae
I need a close look to get the genus for sure but it is likely Tibicen species or common name dog-day cicada.

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I’m going for the framed print for $46.99.

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