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What would get you to watch The Human Centipede?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) May 31st, 2010

I was looking through my On Demand yesterday, and lo and behold: The Human Centipede is available for $8. Morbid curiosity is fighting with my gag reflex.

What would make you click that “buy” button on The Human Centipede?

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For $8 ?

Nothing. That’s too much for me to pay for idle curiosity.

I’d go over to imbd and read up on it for free. With a name like that, it’s bound to disappoint.

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Nothing but I’d watch it for free on hulu or netflix eventually.

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I wish there were a “euphonism” for the sound Lucille Ball made on I Love Lucy when she was disgusted. Because that’s the sound I make when I see anything related to that movie.

There’s nothing that would get me to see that flick, short of someone threatening a grievous/mortal assault upon me or my loved ones.

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Maybe if I was paid to watch it. But I would have to be paid more than $8. Maybe $20. Make that $30.

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Just returned from imdb. Definitely not worth even the time it would take to watch it for free. That would mean two hours of my life lost forever to a bunch of crap.

Better to read the manga upon which it is based.

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Yes! If I were comped the ticket, a slice of pizza, a slurpee and box of dark chocolate raisinettes then maybe I’d sit through it in a theater.

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Nothing. Cruelty and sadism are not entertaining to me.

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It is a horror movie. I do no watch horror movies. I would either have to be extremely bored or be paid a lot of money to see a horror movie.
That said, the movie is probably lightyears better than ‘Whores in the city 2’

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Right, but I do watch horror movies. I’m a big big fan of horror movies. I have a movie blog which entails mostly of horror movies. And I really want to see it for some very sick reason.

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If you want to watch it, watch it.

When it shows up on something for free, I will watch it because I am curious as to how long it is going to be before the nefarious surgeon is either ‘Dr’. Mengele or a student of “Dr”. Mengele (Mengele would be around 100 years old now). I would also be curious as to whether the film makers tried to pull off a surviving 100 year old man who did “experiments” in Auschwitz.

From IMBd

An older German man identifies himself as a retired surgeon specialized in separating Siamese twins. However, his three “patients” are not about to be separated but joined together in a horrific operation

<snip> fall victim to a demented surgeon who plans to recreate a horrific operation with humans that he performed on his three beloved dogs:

… Mengele sewed Rromani twins together, this never succeeding in other than torture. I mean, really, that is rather obvious. Older German man, twins, experiment, blah de blah.

If you watch it, let me know when they pull that card? I am really curious now. I am guessing not until near the end of the movie when somehow it shall be used as a “horrific” moment.

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I’m going to watch it right now.

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@FutureMemory Ooooooo ooo oooooo tell me if I am right when you get back!

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I got my hands on a copy. All I need is a spare hour and a half on a day when my stomach is feeling okay and I’m there.

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It would take 2 hours of kid free time and the price of admission, if I could get my hands on both things at once, I’d see it.

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I’m thinking of caving and watching it, for the sole purpose of being able to put it on my blog.

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teehee reason enough for me!

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Watch it! Then maybe I won’t have to. ;)

I love horror movies, and rarely shy away from one, but I had the same exact reaction as you, poof. “Morbid curiosity is fighting with my gag reflex.” I still don’t know which one will win.

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Eye patch and ear plugs

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I’m not a fan of cruelty and total depravity myself, but..a good ‘B’ movie, just for the sheer amusement of bad acting, bad storyline, bad plot is entertaining in it’s own way.

Kinda like porn. lol

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40 minutes in… thoroughly disturbed, yet no surgery yet. Only a description to the victims.

What I will say though is that this doctor has a really great house and an awesome indoor pool that I want really bad. :x

47 minutes in and my tummy feels a little bit like it’s on the spin cycle…

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Someone putting the DVD in my hand is all it would take. I won’t spend $8 for On Demand, though, because I can’t pass it around to my friends when I’m done with it.

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@poofandmook Lemmeknowleemeknowlemmeknow! I am pretty good at guessing movies. I want to see if I am right about this one…

poofandmook's avatar

an hour in.

I’m very very VERY grateful he did not remove the bandages. That’s about all I can say right now.

That, and if anyone was having problems going on a diet… this would be a good way to start.

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I want to see this!

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sorry, Seek! lol

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@poofandmook I had not thought of that. Could you PM me when you find out if I am right? Ireallywannaknow

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Ohhhh that was fucked up.

edit: reading your post now Aris, will PM you in a few.

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@FutureMemory: I’m at 1:18… shhh!! lol

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@FutureMemory waitingwaitingwaiting *jiggles foot *

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@Arisztid: No mention of Mengele. But then, there are supposed to be more parts coming.

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Ah darn… I am usually really good at this (it is kind of a hobby of mine). Well, maybe in the upcoming parts.

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If there was a market to buy it for 8 cents and sell it for $8, I would buy some for re-sale. I certainly wouldn’t consider watching it – unless someone wanted to pay me to do it.

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Well, now…

I do believe it’s time to write a blog entry.

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@FutureMemory: I’m PMing you…

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PM sent, Aris.

I won’t give away any details, other than to say I liked seeing the two young women on all fours with their faces buried in ass.

ok that was a horrible comment, haha.

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Eh, you’re not really spoiling anything by saying there was no mention of Mengele.

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I’m a horror fan, of course I’ll watch it.

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A hot date—I’ve heard it’s the make out movie of the year.

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It’s blogged.

Still going on a diet though.

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I can’t. I just can’t. I used to love horror flicks, but not anymore. Especially something so sick as this. I’ll be curious to know what you think, though.

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Honestly, considering what is common footage in your run of the mill 08–15 horrorflick, I can not see how anyone would think that what is shown in the human centepede comes even close, let alone thinking that it is worse.

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From @poofandmook blog, I am going to add it to my “when I can see it for free” movie list.

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Honestly, like I said in my blog… the worst part of the whole thing is known going in. Some crazy doctor makes a human centipede. You already know how he does it. That’s the worst part. If you’re going to watch the movie, you’ve already accepted that point and dealt with it, or you wouldn’t be ready to tackle the movie yet. The rest is disturbing, yes, but no more so than any other horror movie, I think. The blow is softened because you already know the most horrific part.

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Oh man, @poofandmook does your blog have the ending in it? Can you PM me your blog?

I want to see it. My husband would never watch it. I think it’s more a suspense than horror right?

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@casheroo: Done, but it’s in my profile too :)

No, it doesn’t have the ending. It doesn’t give anything away at all.

Um, actually, no. It’s not suspenseful much at all. There are a few times, yeah… but for the most part, it’s just the horror of the thing.

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Someone would just have to give me a copy of the movie, or the outrageously high 8 dollars.

in reading up about this movie, it really doesnt sound that bad compared to cannibal holocaust

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I thought there was a lot of suspense, actually.

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@FutureMemory: Really? I didn’t. There weren’t many attempts to escape, which were the only really suspenseful parts for me. Oh, and the creepy guy in the car. That was a bit suspenseful, but I knew he wasn’t the doctor, so not so much.

Honestly, it was totally worth the 8 dollars. @FutureMemory and I decided via PMs that this wasn’t just a thrown-together ickfest. Things were actually thought out and are very meaningful, like the order of people in the centipede; who is in front, namely. It’s actually kind of deep… sadistic… deeply sadistic? No, sadistically deep. lol

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Ok ok I have to see this thing. the Mengele reference is not out of the ballpark yet due to the surgeon’s first name. Sooo… if they make more movies we shall see.

Do I really want to plunk down $8 though or wait until I can see it cheap?

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@Arisztid: I liked it. I think the $8 was worth it, because I probably would’ve seen it in the theatre if it was playing around here, and that would’ve been more than $8.

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Watching it right now. (Half an hour left!) The concept is way worse than anything that’s been shown so far. It took an hour before I was even mildly grossed out. I’m more bothered by the doctor beating the poor people with the riding crop thingy, and even that wasn’t actually on-screen.

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…What the hell? The ending was sad! Seriously, my eyes watered a little. D:

poofandmook's avatar

@MacBean: Wasn’t it, though?

I learned something about myself the other day. I watched Up the night before I watched this movie, and I was saying how great it was, while saying Up was depressing. How backwards is that?

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I laughed at the end. Is there something wrong with me?

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@poofandmook—You know what? I thought Up was depressing, too, and borderline boring. It’s definitely not one of my favorite Pixar movies.

@Michael_Huntington: Yes. And we ♥ you for it.

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@MacBean: Oh, I enjoyed Up. But it was seriously depressing.

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up was depressing at first, like seriously, first 10 minutes was just….... The end was pretty sad too, but in a happy kind of way…. yea that doesnt really make sense but whatever. I think Up was one of pixars better movies though.

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Wait are you guys talking Up or The Human Centipede? I’m so confused. lol

btw, I have Up memorized. My son watched it every day for two months lol

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@casheroo: I mentioned that I thought Up was depressing, but that I loved The Human Centipede, and how telling that is about me… lol… and then it turned into a mini Up discussion hehe

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You can now play the Human Centipede videogame online.

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@gorillapaws: That is a HOOT. LOL

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I’m afraid to look.

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@janbb: It looks like an old school Nintendo game.. no worries :)

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You’d have to twist every one of my 100 arms!

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Ok, it’s now in my Netflix Instant Viewing Queue and I’m messaged it’s a short wait and then free for me to start investigate. I’ll get me a Tombstone Pepperoni pizza and some gummi worms to bite and and stick together into my own monstrosities should the movie disappoint.

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Just saw this. Meh.

What made me do it? I really do not want to do statistics right now.

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Statistics might be better, I’m a thinkin’

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I bought it on DVD from Amazon and I already watched it…

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Only if I were really bored and desperate for something to do.

That movie had so much potential but it was ruined. The movie was basically someone’s idea of bizarre porn.

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