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Are humans able to digest poppyseeds?

Asked by skwerl88 (532points) March 15th, 2008
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If you eat enough you can get high.

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Eating poppy seeds can result in a positive opiate drugtest. That’s what I know it can do, so my guess is that you are able to digest them.

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Poppyseed bagels and muffins are common. Only those w. digestive problems like diverticulosis or diverticulitis might have trouble. And they are not made from the Opium poppy..

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myth busters did an episode on it and when they ate jsut 2 poppy seed bagles, they did test positive for opium….so id say they are relatives at least, i doubt youll get high from it but its still in your bloodstream

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Well poppy seeds come from poppies, which is where opium comes from. So yes, they are related.

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